WhatsApp Secret Button on Android, Try it Now!


There are still many who don’t know about the secret WhatsApp button. One of these messaging features has tons of secret keys which can be useful for messaging activities.

The service from WhatsApp is growing more and more, thus providing convenience to users.

The myriad of services provided by WhatsApp make it easier for users. Starting from sending messages to video calls.

Even enjoy various content posted by other WhatsApp users both in the form of photos and videos. Until now there is a secret button that users can use to make it easier to send messages.

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List of WhatsApp Secret Keys for Easier Messaging

Some of these buttons make it easy to use WhatsApp for daily needs.

Hide Blue Tick

In the WhatsApp application, a blue tick indicates that the recipient of the message has opened and read messages sent by other users.

If the user is lazy to reply quickly, then this button can disable the blue tick. Likewise when the user decides to turn it off.

Then it will not get the blue tick receipt. To disable it, the user can open the settings, then click on the account and continue privacy.

In this menu, users can disable it by clicking on Read Receipts untick.

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Star Message

To make it easier to find old messages so they can be found quickly, users can take advantage of the starred message feature. This feature is almost the same function as pinned.

Apply it simply by pressing and holding on the message to be marked. Then the asterisk option appears at the top of the screen.

Press the symbol and the important message is quickly found by users on the starred message tab on the main WhatsApp menu.

Changing Fonts with Interesting Shapes

Sending interesting chats doesn’t just include emoticons. With the WhatsApp secret button, it is also easier for users to change the font to be more attractive and different.

This button feature allows users to put another emphasis on writing to make it more interesting. Such as bolding letters, crossing out, to italics.

To get bold text, users only need to add asterisks on both sides. Meanwhile, to italicize the letters can be by adding an underscore.

Meanwhile adding a tilde (~) helps the user to present the writing with doodles.

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Mute Group for Peace

The existence of WhatsApp groups often annoys people. Multi-person chats that can be noisy at times allow users to use precise methods to mute them.

Users can overcome this by disabling groups with the mute group notifications feature. There is an option to mute it for eight hours, a week, or forever.

The method is very easy, just press and hold the group then select the mute button at the top of the screen and select the time. There are still many secret WhatsApp buttons that users can use to make it easier to use the application.


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