Five Hidden Android Features You Must Use

Not many smartphone users generally know that there are some hidden and important Android features to use.

Where this feature will make it easier for users to operate their Android phones.

With hidden android features, android phones can be used to the fullest when using them every day.

Names of hidden Android features that are still not widely known

For users who want to take advantage of hidden Android features, make sure the Android version on the latest cellphone.

In the following, there are a number of hidden Android features that can be used right now.

Enable Android Developer Options

First, there is a feature of choice for Android developers that many users don’t know about.

With this one feature, users can change things like the maximum number of connected Bluetooth devices at once.

Apart from that, users can also change the background process limit so that the phone doesn’t use too many at once.

The way to activate it is:

  • Please open the settings application, press the phone, then press the build number 7 times.
  • Then, enter the push password into the settings menu.
  • Press System Settings and Developer Options again.

Deleting Cookies

Next there is a feature to delete cookies which is a code for tracking.

Where the cookie will collect data about the usage of the android phone user.

Users can delete cookies very easily, to be precise via Chrome in the following ways:

  • Open Chrome, then press the three corner dots, tap History.
  • After that press Clear Browsing Data.
  • In order to delete individual Cookies, click the Time Range and All Time boxes.
  • Next, click the Cookies and Site Data Checkbox, then click Clear Data.

Split Screen

There is also a split screen feature that allows users to open two different types of screens on one smartphone.

This feature is basically not the same as having two cellphones at the same time.

But with the split screen feature, users can perform multiple tasks on one cell phone.

However, not all apps are compatible with split screen but some of them are notable ones.

To activate it, users can follow the method below:

  • First of all, scroll up the screen to open the android app.
  • After that, hit the menu button and click Split Screen.
  • Then open another app and drag the margins to adjust the separation.

See All Saved Wifi Networks

Users can see all the Wifi networks that have been stored on the cellphone in one place and are very useful.

If the network is now down, or the user does not have permission to use it, it can remove it from the saved networks.

In addition, users can also stop connecting to the network automatically.

For how to use it, among others:

  • First please open settings and press Wifi.
  • After that, press the three dots and tap Advanced Settings.
  • Then click Saved Networks to view and manage your previous networks.

Limit Data in the Background

This is a great feature to extend the phone’s battery life.

In addition, this feature can also prevent users from running out of data three weeks before the package is renewed.

This is because several applications that almost everyone uses are always refreshing and looking for a wifi connection in the background.

Turning off that data is a great way to make your phone last longer.

How to activate the data restriction feature in the background, namely:

  • Go to Settings then press Mobile Networks, click Data Usage.
  • Next press Data Savings, then click Enable Data Savings.
  • To make app-specific exclusions, tap on unrestricted apps.

Those are some hidden android features that are important for users to use.

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