Pokemon Trading Card Game Live, Comes with New Features


Pokemon Trading Card Game Live is one of the exciting games. The game titled Pokemon Trading Card Live is now available worldwide. We can download PC games as well as mobile device games.

More than one year ago, this game was officially announced.

Most game fans gave a very good response to the launch of this game.

Unfortunately, at the initial launch of this game, only limited testing was carried out.

But now, we can play Pokemon Trading Card Live to our heart’s content.


The excitement of Pokemon Trading Card Game Live

Pokemon Trading Card Live has very exciting gameplay.

Each player gets the opportunity to collect and trade using digital versions of real-world cards.

Not only that, the players can also do battle.

The presence of this game turns out to replace the old version, namely Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.

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As we know, the game was released in 2010. Initially, the game was announced in September 2021.


Then, news circulated that this latest version of the game will carry out a series of year-end tests.

However, the developers decided to start the test earlier.

Beta mode only, initially only for a few countries, such as Australia, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, and several other European countries.

New Features

Pokemon Trading Card Live, brings several new features.

This of course adds to the excitement when playing the game.


These new features include the Ranked Leaderboard and the Battle Pass system.

This feature makes it easier for players to obtain cosmetics and packages.

Apart from that, The Pokemon Company as the developer of this game gives players access to try out the simulator

These live games will replace online games even if only temporarily.

Through this opportunity, players can complete their new game collection.


Pokemon TCG Live competitors

Being one of the games with many fans, it is possible that this game has competitors.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Live faces fierce competition from other card games.

One of them is Yu Gi Oh! Dueling Masters.

This game has achieved great success since its release.

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Apart from that, there are also other competing games such as Wizards of the Coast which comes with Magic: The Gathering Arena.


Then, there are also Legends of Runeterra and Hearthstone.

Even though it has many competitors, this game has its own uniqueness and charm.

So it’s still worth playing.

Not to mention, this game has a very good display and graphics.

This makes it easier for the players to complete each challenge.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Live is ready for us to play on various devices.

Starting from mobile devices such as Android and PC.

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