Google Stadia Officially Closed, Evidence that Xbox Cloud Gaming is the Most Appropriate Model?

Now, the competition for cloud gaming has become more peaceful thanks to the recent shutdown of Google Stadia.

While many people claim to love Stadia, its business model has proven to be ineffective.

For this reason, gamers consider that the Xbox Cloud Gaming model is the most appropriate path.

Google Stadia started its work with Project xCloud which left a distinct impression on its users.

Even so, many of the users do not like the project in Google Stadia because of the company’s tendency to cancel the product.

Cloud gaming enthusiasts then have the perfect alternative starting from Xbox and NVIDIA.

In the end, many gamers prefer Xbox Cloud Gaming even though there is a subscription fee.

Google Stadia Final Policy

Prior to the closure of Stadia, Google had refunded all users who had purchased games on the platform.

Moreover, now there are no games available on the service made by Google.

Users can play their favorite games available on Stadia by transferring game storage data.

Where there are several game developers who allow players to transfer data to a PC.

However, for developers who don’t allow it then the game will just disappear.

Weaknesses of Stadia Compared to Similar Services

Stadia’s last policy is clearly the number one drawback for players who have purchased a game but can’t keep a copy.

In contrast to the Steam platform, where if a game is deleted but the player has it, then the game can still be played.

Players only need to download and save it on the hard drive, then access it from their library at any time.

That’s definitely not possible in Stadia and its models.

Apart from that, users of the Xbox Cloud Gaming platform can also experience other advantages of this service.

This is because Xbox Cloud Gaming provides game services in and out at any time even though players can never own the game.

This is the same as users watching movies on Netflix.

Users can pay a fee every month to be able to rent access to the game.

So, even if a player finds his favorite game title disappearing from the service, the player will not feel the loss because he never owned it.

Unlike NVIDIA’s GeForce Now, which only gives players a place in the cloud so they can play games that have been downloaded on Steam, Epic, or Ubisoft.

This is a different model but still better than Stadia, because players don’t buy anything from the service.

As such, closing Stadia is arguably a better thing for consumers as it saves them money.

The Best Alternative After Stadia Closing

For players who feel they are missing Stadia, an alternative to keep playing games is Xbox Cloud Gaming.

It is known that the Stadia platform depends on the developer if a game does not have cross save capabilities, such as the game Destiny 2.

If the player is playing the game on Xbox then the problem is nothing.

Built into Xbox is Cloud Save which lets users seamlessly switch between cloud, console, and PC without worrying about losing progress or achievements.

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