Game Dream League Soccer New Version

Game Dream League Soccer comes with the latest features. Dream League Soccer can be a game with a new team. Build a dream team of over 4,000 FIFPro licensed players.

So that you can fight against the world’s best football clubs on the field. Go through 8 divisions while enjoying player movement in 3D motion-capture.

This one game is better than the previous version.

Reviews of Game Dream League Soccer

Football games are increasingly popular among people today. This one game is a game that enlivens world football matches.

This game is played in two of the most popular soccer games, starting from FIFA soccer made by EA and PES made by Konami.

Both football games are quite popular. But apart from that there are many other soccer games that are quite interesting. Like Dream League Soccer from developer First Touch Games.

In this soccer game, the main mission that players have to do is to build a team. Where we can determine the team name, logo, team costumes for both home and away matches.

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Apart from that, it can also improve the skills of each individual player and team and can develop the stadium to make it look more magnificent.

The mission in the game is from the lower caste to the top division to top the bottom standings.

The cup tournament is almost similar to the champions league, only it differs across divisions.

Dream Soccer League Available on Play Store and App Store

Actually the game Dream League Soccer (DLS) comes with the latest version. Now you can get the game directly on the Google Play store and the App Store.

This latest version of the DLS game also comes with more interesting features than before.

The latest version that the game displays is an Android soccer game with the Tap Tap theme for you to play. Players can also try one of the games that are relatively busy to play at this time.

Game Size

The Dream League Soccer game offers its own variety of excitement for each player. Playing DLS games is quite easy with their not-too-large size.

Even if it looks difficult from the start, you can adapt more easily. The size of the game is only hundreds of MB.

Despite its small size, it looks good in terms of graphics and still has an attractive appearance when you play.

The challenges in the DLS game are also not difficult. As a beginner player, it might be difficult because you are still not used to ball control.

But when you are used to playing only certain parts, there are teams that are hard to beat.

Playing soccer does look fun, you can also do this in playing games.

Like the Dream League Soccer game, which offers exciting, challenging and different games from other soccer games.

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