Seven Hidden WhatsApp Features, There is a Super Stealth Mode

Not many users know that there are hidden WhatsApp features that will make it easier for their users.

First released in 2009, WhatsApp has become increasingly popular when it was bought by the parent company Meta 5 years later.

Along with its release, there are a number of WhatsApp hidden features for its users.

Where WhatsApp’s hidden features will make it easier for users to use this one messaging application.

Interesting WhatsApp Hidden Features to Use

Indeed, understanding the basics of the WhatsApp application is so easy.

Interestingly, there are a number of hidden features that make it easier for users, such as:

Super Stealth Mode

There are some simple tricks that can be used when sending messages between users.

Where this trick allows the sender not to know if the message has been read by the user.

One simple way is to hold the message when it appears on the locked iPhone screen.

This then displays a full text preview so the recipient can read it without having to open the message in the app.

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Back Up User Chats

Users like to back up chats in case they are accidentally deleted and they can be lost forever.

WhatsApp itself has a feature that can send it directly to an email address.

This can be done by opening the chat you want to save, then pressing options, more, and pressing email chat.

Users can save 40 thousand messages at the same time either with or without media.

Sending Disappearing Images or Videos

WhatsApp users can send photos and videos which can disappear after being viewed once.

Where this feature is basically similar to how the SnapChat application works.

This can be useful if the user wants to send sensitive or personal information.

Although it should be noted that recipients can still take pictures or videos with screenshots.

How to use it, users only need to be able to press ‘1’ which is next to the send arrow.

Pin Key Friends and In-Group Chats

For users who often leave messages unanswered or take a long time to reply, WhatsApp has a very useful feature.

Where users can pin specific chats to the top of the app meaning that message to be the first seen above new messages.

In addition, the message can also be a chat that has never been read with a sign of the number of messages.

Face ID or Touch ID to Unlock the WhatsApp Application

There is also a Face ID or Touch ID feature in the WhatsApp application for its users.

Unfortunately, this feature is currently only available for iOS smartphone users.

Even so, this one feature is very useful for anyone who wants to keep their message from the prying eyes of strangers.

After activating the feature, Face ID or Touch ID will be required to be able to access messages even on an unlocked smartphone.

This feature can be activated via the settings button, then privacy, screen lock, and at the bottom the user can activate Face ID.

Record Voice Messages Freely

Indeed, WhatsApp presents a feature for sending voice messages to users.

Anyone can directly send voice messages without the need for other applications.

To use this feature, hold down the microphone symbol, then swipe up, and can effectively lock the recording function.

Send User Location

In addition, users can tell their location and allow other users to track their position via WhatsApp.

Users can choose from three time periods ranging from 15 minutes, one hour, to eight hours.

How to use this WhatsApp hidden feature, just click the location at the bottom left of the WA application, and share the location directly.

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