Seven WhatsApp Tricks to Make Users’ Life Easier

Not many people know that there are several WhatsApp tricks that will make life easier for its users.

Indeed, WhatsApp itself is one of the most valuable applications for one billion people worldwide.

It’s no wonder that WhatsApp is the communication application with the most users worldwide.

Interestingly, WhatsApp, which is an instant messaging service, only requires an internet connection and there are no registration or subscription fees.

WhatsApp Tricks That Will Facilitate Users

WhatsApp itself has the basic function of sending messages with various interesting features for users.

How many users are using WhatsApp tricks to make it easier to use.

Here are some WhatsApp tricks that not many users know about.

Pin Messages from Important Friends and Group Chats

For users who often reply to senders’ messages for a long time and often forget, WhatsApp itself has a useful feature.

This feature allows users to pin specific chats at the top of the application.

This means the message is the first message the user sees even above new messages that have not been read.

To use this trick, users only need to press the ‘pin chat’ option by holding down the chat or sliding the message to the right.

Read Messages in Super Stealth Mode

There are a number of different variations of tricks used to prevent the sender from knowing that the recipient has read the message.

One of those options is holding down while a message appears on the iPhone screen that is currently locked.

This allows the user to read the message without having to open the message at all.

Back Up Conversations to Email

The WhatsApp application also offers a feature to back up conversations by sending them directly to an email address.

In order to do so, users only need to open the chat they want to save, press options, then click Email Chat.

Amazingly, up to 40 thousand messages can be sent from a WhatsApp chat at any time.

Flag Important Messages

There is also a trick to mark important messages in one or many conversations at the same time on WhatsApp.

This is a feature of the star message function which allows the user to bookmark key messages that are likely to be returned.

This feature will save the process of searching using keywords.

Hide WhatsApp Notifications from Phone Lock Screen

Users can also use WA tricks to prevent notifications from appearing when the cell phone is locked.

This will allow other people to not be able to find the message that just came in.

The trick is to be in the application settings, later there will be an option to turn off notifications completely.

Hide Chats from the Conversation List

Not infrequently users feel bored seeing the conversation history in WhatsApp messages but are reluctant to delete it altogether.

In addition, it is not uncommon for users to send random messages without realizing it.

To fix this, users just need to tap and hold on the chat, hit the options in the top right corner, and hit archive.

To find archived messages, scroll down to the All chats section and tap Archived Chats.

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Make Words Italic, Bold, or Strikethrough

In order to put extra emphasis on some words, WhatsApp users have options for the writing style.

These styles include bold letters, italics, to cross out messages sent.

To make words bold, users only need to add an asterisk (*) on both sides of the text.

Meanwhile, to italicize, add an underscore or (_) on either side of the word or phrase.

Meanwhile, if you cross out, please add a tilde (~) in one of the phrases or words.

Those are some interesting WhatsApp tricks for its users to use.

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