Fun KartRider Drift Racing Game, Available on PC and Mobile!

The racing game KartRider Drift arrives on PC and mobile starting January 11, 2023. Drift is one of the top multiplayer racing game options and the latest in the KartRider series. 

This latest racing game offers all the action from its predecessors. With more drifting challenges and deeper customization. 

In addition, this game is also able to bring new sensations in the Nexon racing franchise with character and kart customization that is unmatched.

KartRider Drift Racing Game Coming to PC and Mobile

KartRider Drift is the newest racing game from Nexon Company. It is the only free-to-play cross-platform kart racer.

Where the excitement of arcades is, skilful competition is present assisting the fastest drifts and deep karts. 

Apart from that, there is also character customization in Unreal Engine 4 graphics which is quite impressive.

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Find a variety of extraordinary characters for you to become the rider of each very powerful kart vehicle. 

Each character has many stunning outfit skins. Players can show off their best character to all opponents.

Like KartRider: Drift, which comes with long challenging tracks. Even turns that can increase the adrenaline of the players.

KartRider Drift mode

KartRider Drift comes in three different modes. This includes a Competitive Speed ​​Mode which offers drifting techniques that are quite complex to master for players looking for a bigger challenge.

The second mode is Item Mode which is easy for players to learn and Time Attack. 

This racing game also features quite stunning graphics and has been thoroughly optimized to provide the best online experience.

Game Features of KartRider Drift

KartRider Drift racing game offers various features by providing unique racing gameplay.

The game features consist of;

Great Game Mode

Through this feature players can test the toughness of each character in Speed ​​mode. 

Furthermore the fast mode will definitely test players’ reactions as well as strategic skills when using upgrades.

Next is the Item mode, in this mode it offers a variety of items that players can use to attack the opposing team or protect friends. 

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Finally, players can challenge friends or everyone in Custom Races.

Sharp Graphics and Full Customization

This KartRider Drift racing game offers sharper graphics that are also very colorful. Thus it is quite interesting when we play.

In addition, this game also has full customization (livery). So players can customize each kart’s features to suit their personal style.

To be the first in the KartRider Drift racing game, players must design a kart vehicle in detail through the livery system. 

In addition, players are free to design the kart vehicle they will use for racing. This game is very fun, players can personalize the will to design kart vehicles.

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