Finally, Kylie Jenner Reveals Photos and Faces of Second Child

Kylie Jenner has finally shared a portrait of her second child with rapper, Travis Scott. She uploaded the first moment through his personal Instagram account.

In that post, Kylie wrote the name of her son, Aire Webster, which has been kept secret so far. She also shared portraits of her second child’s face which she also had never shared on social media.

“Aire,” wrote Kylie with a heart emoji, Sunday (22/1/23).

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Kylie shared photos of Aire in various poses. There is a portrait of the cosmetic entrepreneur holding her son, to the moment when Aire is eating her food.

Kylie and Travis’ little son also looks so cute and adorable. She also has curly hair like her sister, Stormi Webster.

As a result, Kylie Jenner’s upload, which finally shared photos and the name of her second child, made netizens excited. They were happy and praised Aire’s exuberance.

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