Wall Street Technology Stocks Continue To Rise Since First Session

Wall street technology stocks rose in trading Wednesday, July 20, 2022. Wall street bounced quite significantly.

These stocks bounced on the impetus of the rally in technology stocks as the benchmark index average reached its highest point in early June.

In a row, Wall Street closed higher with rising energy and technology stocks. It’s just that the excess inventory warning Target Corp has weighed on retail stocks for most of the session.

Wall Street tech stocks are showing pretty interesting numbers. At the close of its first trading session, the index showed a surge of 1.58% to 11,897.65.

The S&P index rose 0.59% to 3,595.90. The Dow Jones index added 47.79 points or 0.15% to 31,874.84.

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Wall Street Technology Stock Trading Data

The last closing trade showed that Wall Street entered its highest closing level for the Nasdaq since June 8, 2022. The Dow Jones and S&P 500 indices are also the highest since June 9, 2022.

This market movement continues this week’s trading rally. This is in line with investors who bet, eventually finding the bottom and shifting to riskier assets.

For example, in technology stocks. Technology and consumer stocks led the S&P 500’s gains, with each sector gaining more than 1% since last Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the more defensive sectors, namely health care and utilities, weakened.

After the Senate pushed for a $50 billion bill to support US chip manufacturing, semiconductor stocks rose.

For Advanced Micro Devices shares rose 4.1%, Qualcomm added 2.9%, and Nvidia rose to 4.8%.

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Stocks on Wall Street

The rise in Wall Street technology stocks is indeed quite interesting to discuss. Apart from the previous data, this stock also surged with an increase in profit, better than Netflix.

The decline in customer numbers also affected the company with a figure of 970 thousand in the second quarter of this year. Less than 2 million had been previously projected.

Netflix’s tech stock rose quite high to 7.4%. As for Roku rose 6.9%, Disney added 3.8%, and Paramount also jumped to 3.8%.

Meanwhile, bitcoin also broke the USD 24,000 threshold for the first time. Some investors have been encouraged by the trading action.

This has resulted in the bear market having experienced at its lowest point. New York stock exchange rose 90% in trading on Tuesday’s session last week.

More than 90% of the shares have been listed on the stock exchange and rose by more than 90%. The existence of these conditions also suggests that there are signs of a continued summer rebound for US stocks.

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Netflix’s stock, which experienced a spike, is expected to continue rising into the third quarter. Other high-growth stocks will extend gains and follow streaming service providers’ forecasts.

We can see that since the closing of the first session of shares, wall street technology has increased due to the encouragement of increased demand in the community. (R10/HR-Online)

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