The Official MacBook Pro 16 M1 Pro Comes With A Number Of Changes, Take A Peek!


MacBook Pro 16 M1 Pro is here as the latest generation at the time of the launch which promises the best upgrades in terms of performance to design.

Especially for this variant, it comes in a choice of colors space gray and silver which has a price of around 35 million rupiah.

Not only that, but the latest MacBook Pro is also available in two chipset options, namely M1 pro and M1 Max. Of course, the chipset also has support in the form of 8 high-performance cores and 2 high-efficiency cores.

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MacBook Pro 16 M1 Pro is officially here, how much does it cost?

Apple has officially presented two new ARM-based on-a-chip systems that are more computer-focused, namely the M1 max and the M1 Pro. In addition, Apple apparently also released a MacBook Pro with the latest machines, one of which is the 16-inch M1 Pro.

Compared to the M1 which debuted last November, it looks like this chipset has up to 70% faster CPU performance.

In terms of graphics, the difference is very clear. Because the m1 pro has experienced an increase of 2x faster than the M1.

In addition to the new processor, the MacBook Pro 16 M1 Pro also comes with the latest design that is more elegant and charming. Well, one of the most striking things about this device is the notch screen and 1080p FaceTime HD camera.

Apparently not only that, there are other changes that lie in the new keyboard. Because, it doesn’t have a touch bar which is replaced by using regular physical buttons and thin bezels.

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Changes on Screen

As explained earlier, that one of the changes to the MacBook Pro 16 M1 Pro is in the screen. Because the screen is almost similar to the iPhone design because it has a pinia alias notches.

Thanks to the FaceTime camera with 1080p resolution, it’s an increase from 720p in the previous generation. Even more interesting is that the camera is also equipped with an image signal processor or image processing chip.

Furthermore, for the type of screen used on the device made by Apple, it is the Liquid retina XDR. Complete with support for resolutions up to 2456 x 2234 and has a brightness level of up to 1600 nits.

Not only that, but also complete with a technology called ProMotion. So with this technology, it will allow the use of an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

Performance Specifications

In terms of performance, the MacBook Pro 16 M1 Pro comes with the latest chipset from Apple. In essence, the Apple M1 pro chipset has an 8-core or 10-core CPU.

Not only that, for the GPU it is 14 Core or 16 Core and complete with support for 32GB RAM capacity. Then this laptop also comes in two standard configurations, namely a 10-core CPU and a 16-core GPU.

The first variant supports 16GB of RAM with 512GB or 1TB of SSD storage. As for the second variant, it has used a RAM capacity of 32GB but users can still upgrade to 64GB with a 1TB SSD.

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Design and Other Features

The new chassis on the MacBook Pro 16 M1 Pro also underwent a design change, which carried a weight of 2.13 kg. Meanwhile, the thickness level itself reaches 16.8 mm with a relatively wide screen size.

As for the body on this device, it is completely wrapped in the best aluminum material. The company claims that this new cooling system can move 50% more air than the previous generation.

Not only that, Apple also presents an HDMI port on the right side of the laptop body. Also accompanying other ports such as an Sdxc slot and a Thunderbolt port with 1 headphone jack and 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports on the left side.

Even the company also mentions that if m

This new model with M1 pro support can support up to 2 Pro Display xDR. It’s different with the M1 Max chipset model, because it can handle up to 3 additional screens besides just a 4K TV.

For now, the MacBook Pro 16 M1 Pro is already available and we can order it directly through Apple’s online store. Comes at an economical price that will make you spend less.


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