The Exciting Google Maps Snake Game, Check Out How to Play It!


Google’s Snake game is a lighthearted game where the main character is a snake and requires the player to collect scores.

How to? The trick is to move the snake to an object and then eat it.

Even most people in general, may not be so foreign to snake games like this.

Because in the past, since the 2000s, Game Snake became one of the default games or defaults from cellphones such as the Nokia brand.

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Google Snake Game You Can Play to Fill Your Free Time

As explained earlier, Snake itself is a legendary game that has been popular since the 2000s. Because this game requires the players to be able to survive in collecting as many scores as possible.

This game is also quite simple and even easy to play by anyone, from children to adults.

More interestingly, this game can bring its own excitement and joy to the players.

If you want to reminisce about the old game again, now Google has provided it that you can play on Google Maps.

You don’t even have to use a third-party app to play it.

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How to Find Games

You can access this Google Maps Snake game from various devices, be it smartphones or laptops.

If you want to play it, then the first step you have to do is to open the browser on your device.

After that you can visit the site to start playing. After the site is open, you will immediately see the game display with the choice of game background.

Then you can choose the background you want and start playing it. The trick is to direct the snake to the food in order to get a score.

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Unique Games

It turns out that the Snake Google Maps game is very unique, because the concept setting is quite different from the old snake games in the past.

This is because the Snake game on Google Maps uses maps from certain capital cities such as London, Cairo, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, and many more.

Furthermore, the main character in this game is also not a snake, but a train. It’s different from the old Snake game, because this train can lengthen when transporting people and visiting miniature buildings.

Well, some miniature buildings from this game such as Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Opera House, and many others. The more people you bring to the miniature visit, the higher the score.

The game will end if you hit the edge of the screen or the train body itself. When it’s over, you can share the total score you get by clicking the Share option.

If you are curious about the Snake Google Maps game then you can play it right away.


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