The Cause of GOTO’s Stock Drop Occurs Globally, The Worst Condition

The cause of GOTO’s stock decline was due to several factors related to global stock exchanges.

This is due to the downward trend in technology companies’ stock prices, which weakened.

This decline also affected the Telkom group’s investment in GOTO.

There is a record of unrealized losses on investments in these shares.

The record in the first quarter of this year was Rp. 881 billion.

Almost all digital companies also experienced a decline.

It’s just that it is countered by the presence of capital gains, but also expected stock value synergies.

Causes of GOTO’s Shares to Drop Significantly

PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk (GOTO) again showed a decline in numbers until this month.

Last received information on May 15, 2022, the stock actually fell by 6%.

With this condition, it certainly becomes a weight for the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI).

There is data from the declining figure, which is 6.73% or equivalent to 14 points to the price of 194.

This price is the lowest price of all time.

Meanwhile, the trading volume of GOTO shares itself reached 275.95 million shares with a value of Rp 53.61 billion.

GOTO stock has touched Down Auto Reject (ARB).

Trading data also shows that the previous month GOTO’s shares fell by 30.17%.

This has happened since the stock went public for the first time in April.

Impact of GOTO’s Stock Drop

As has been done since the beginning, if the decline in GOTO’s shares is increasingly visible.

The cause of the decline in GOTO’s shares was due to the declining technology shares.

This decline has an impact on the Telkom group’s investment in GOTO.

In fact, as a result there is an unrealized loss on the investment.

The downward trend in technology stocks was also recorded as the worst decline on record.

Since the crisis in 2008, technology stocks have experienced a decline when compared to the shares of technology giants owned by the United States.

As for some of the stocks that experienced a decline, Facebook fell at 43.9%, Netflix showed a decline of up to 72%, and Tesla fell at 30.5%.

Meanwhile, other technology issuers recorded the heaviest decline in record since the last 14 years.

The decline in technology stocks was due to investor concerns about higher inflation and slowing economic growth.

GOTO’s shares which experienced a decline were also due to the decline in global technology companies.

Even this also happened to US technology stocks.

However, there is no prediction for how long this condition will last.

The condition of the decline that occurred was actually the opposite of the prediction limit that came out of a number of experts when GOTO first took the floor.

PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk (GOTO) or a combination of Gojek and Tokopedia companies experienced a decline.

In fact, the reason for the decline in GOTO’s shares was due to the decline in global technology companies.

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