Synopsis of Korean Drama It’s Beautiful Now, Search for Couples 3 Brothers


Synopsis Korean Drama It’s Beautiful Now is one of the series that started broadcasting this April.

This Korean drama airs on the KBS 2TV channel. The presence of the drama It’s Beautiful Now became a substitute for Young Lady and Gentleman who had finished.

At the beginning of its broadcast, this Korean drama managed to set a record high enough to beat several other titles that aired at the same time.

This is the Synopsis of Korean Drama It’s Beautiful Now

Korean drama lovers seem to be spoiled again with the appearance of another interesting title. It’s Beautiful Now is a drama that aired on KBS 2TV and also JTBC.

This drama has the genre of romance, drama, and family. It’s Beautiful Now is directed by Kim Sung Geun and is under the production house of Drama House Studios and Zium Content.

Basically, this drama tells the journey of three brothers who are trying to find a life partner.

The three brothers are Lee Yoon Jae, Lee Hyun Jae, and Lee Soo Jae.

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The three of them actually have no desire to get married or date. However, something happened that changed their minds.

Grandpa’s Seductive Offer

The beginning of the synopsis of the Korean drama It’s Beautiful Now happened when the grandfather of the three brothers, Lee Kyung Cheol, began to worry about his grandson’s indifference to marriage.

As a result, the grandfather and the parents of the three brothers planned something. They decided to make an offer.

The grandfather and parents of the three brothers promised a luxury apartment to anyone who married first.

The offer was quite tempting, suddenly changed the minds of the three brothers.

The process of finding a partner is not easy

Because of the tempting offer of grandfather and parents, finally the three brothers try to find a woman for them to marry. However, things don’t go that easy.

They were three very busy grown men. The second child, Lee Hyun Jae, is a lawyer in divorce cases.

He is always professional in his work so it is very busy.

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Based on the synopsis of the Korean drama It’s Beautiful Now, Lee Hyun Jae meets a new client named Hyun Mi Rae who wants to apply for an annulment of the marriage.

While the eldest brother, Lee Yoon Jae, is a dentist by profession and already has his own clinic.

He has a patient named Sim Hae Joon who works at a law firm. It is known that Sim Hae Joon ended up falling in love with Lee Yoon Jae.

Lastly, there is the youngest, Lee Soo Jae. He is studying to take the exam to become a public official and also works part time. While working, he meets Na yoo Na who dreams of becoming a cake maker.

This drama will later show clearly how the love journey of the three characters is.

Cast of Drama It’s Beautiful Now

The main cast of the Korean drama synopsis It’s Beautiful Now consists of many top actors. Here is the list:

  • Yoon Shi Yoon who will play the role of Lee Hyun Jae.
  • Bae Da Bin – Hyun Mi Rae (Official Music Video) Bae Da Bin – Hyun Mi Rae (Official Music Video)
  • Oh Min Suk plays the role of Lee Yoon Jae.
  • Shin Dong Mi who plays the role of Shin Hae Jun.
  • Choi Ye Bin plays the role of Na Yoo Na.
  • Seo Bum Jun who plays the role of Lee Soo Jae.

Apart from the main roles, there are many other supporting characters that you will find in the drama.


This drama has been airing since April 2, 2022 and is expected to end on September 18. The total episodes of this drama reach 50 episodes.

It does include quite a lot of most Korean dramas. However, this is common in dramas with family and romance genres.

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It’s Beautiful Now gets quite a lot of attention from the South Korean public. This can be seen from the ratings they have received since the first episode aired.

This drama received a rating of 24.1 percent on KBS 2TV. This number is the highest for a drama that aired in the second week of April.

Curious about the continuation of the synopsis of the Korean drama It’s Beautiful Now? Watch the broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 19.55 KST or 17.55 WIB on KBS 2TV and JTBC stations.


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