Synopsis of Korean Drama DP which became the Best Drama Baeksang Arts 2022


Synopsis Korean drama DP has a pretty interesting story. This is evident from the award they just got as the best drama.

The award was successfully won by this drama at a prestigious event, the 2022 Baeksang Arts Awards.

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The drama, entitled DP, is actually an abbreviation of Deserter Pursuit. DP comes as a Netflix series that tells the story of special military forces.

Synopsis of DP Korean Drama with Military Theme

Korean drama is always a fun thing to get rid of boredom. Throughout 2021 yesterday there were a lot of interesting titles that have been released.

Towards the end of 2021, there is drama coming to the well-known streaming application Netflix. DP drama has a military theme that is tense and full of action.

Interestingly, this drama is an adaptation of a web comic with the same title by Kim Bo Tang and Han Jun Hee. In the drama version, DP was worked on by Han Jun Hee.

Rotten Military Members

Synopsis of this Korean drama DP tells the journey of Ahn Jun Ho who is a new soldier. He entered coaching to get into a special team called DP

Of course, it wasn’t easy for Ahn Jun Ho, who wasn’t used to the military. As a result, Ahn Jun Ho as a new member also had difficulty adapting.

However, it turned out that Ahn Jun Ho suddenly entered the DP special team which always carried out heavy missions.

Ahn Jun Ho finally has to always be professional at work even though he is always dealing with inner conflicts that his seniors and superiors do.

Even though he’s still a new member, Ahn Jun Ho doesn’t look like an amateur. He learns fairly quickly and has a very high observation rate.

Ahn Jun Ho always tries to do a good job because he is the youngest member. On the other hand, the team leader named Han Ho Yeol is always relaxed about his work.

Scene Full of Torment

This drama has a special target audience for adults. This happened not without reason, but because of the many torture scenes in it.

The scene will be shown in a brutal way so that it is very disturbing for viewers who are still not familiar with the action genre.

Even so, this DP Korean drama synopsis still combines elements of comedy in it. The action of soldiers chasing each other’s army of deserters will make you feel curious and adrenaline.

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You will witness how Ahn Jun Ho struggles to complete his military mission immediately and also gets violent, both physically and verbally.

You will not feel bored while watching this drama because of the stunning acting of the actors and the scenes that are presented neatly.

DP Drama Cast

One of the plus points of this drama is the presence of top stars in it. The main character of the drama DP is the handsome actor Jung Hae In who plays the role of Ahn Jun Ho.

The character here is a quiet and calm person, but has extraordinary observation skills.

There is also actor Goo Kyo Hwan who had appeared in the film Paninsula. In this drama, he will play the role of Han Ho Yeol who is the leader of the DP . squad

Kim Sung Kyun is also seen taking on the role of Sergeant Park Bum Goo who is in charge of the DP squad. In the synopsis of the Korean drama DP, he suffers from chronic stress and fatigue, so he often scolds Ahn Jun Ho and Han Ho Yeol.

Next, the character Im Ji Seob who is an executive in the military police will be played by Son Suk Goo.

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He is a graduate of the Korean Military Academy and only cares about good results. Im Ji Seob also thinks DP is a nuisance for him.

Win Award

The Korean drama DP has a total of 6 episodes in August 2021. Recently, the drama emerged as the winner in the Best Drama category at the 2022 Baeksang Awards.

This is of course a great achievement. Furthermore, the synopsis of this DP Korean drama can still be watched on the Netflix application and will soon release a second season.


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