Synopsis of Constantine, The Story of an Exorcist and Demon Master


Synopsis of the film Constantine tells the story of a young man who has unusual abilities. He has supernatural abilities so that he becomes an exorcist and demon expert.

Then, he helps a policewoman to solve the case of her sister’s death. Constantine premiered on February 8, 2005 in Hong Kong.

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After that, on February 18, 2005 the film premiered in the United States and Canada. Constantine is a horror and mystery film.

Synopsis of Constantine, The Story of an Exorcist and Demon Master

The story in this film is an adaptation of the comic titled Hellblazer by Jamie Delano and Garth Ennis. All the top stars, play characters in this film such as Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz, Shia Labeouf, Djimon Hounsou, Max, Baker, and other stars.

During its screening, this film managed to get quite satisfactory achievements. Rotten Tomatoes gave a score of 46%. While the audience score is 72%.

The IMDb site also gave a rating of 7 out of 10. Constantine’s film won several awards. Such as the Top Box Office Films category in the ASCAP event and the Television Music Awards in 2006.

John Constantine the Exorcist

The synopsis of the film Constantine will first introduce who the main character is. He is John Constantine who works as an exorcist.

However, he has an unpleasant temper. He is known for his cynical nature.

With his abilities, John can communicate and understand half angel and half demon in his true form.

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In fact, John himself had been to hell. He also realized that one day after his death, John would return to hell.

However, he hopes that the good deeds he does can take him to heaven.

John’s existence on Earth is not without reason. As a demon hunter, he wants to send demons back to the lower realms.

John Constantine Trying To Cast A Demon From A Girl

John’s first mission to exorcise a demon from a girl will be a synopsis of the next Constantine film.

Before that, in Mexico there was a scavenger who found the tip of a spear stabbing Jesus Christ in a church. However, the church has been destroyed.

To his horror, the statue of Jesus Christ was possessed. Even so, he took her to Los Angeles.

John Constantine’s Meeting with the Angel

Synopsis of the film Constantine arrives at John’s meeting with an angel. It turned out that John himself was suffering from a serious illness, namely terminal lung cancer.

Then, John also met a half-blood angel Gabriel. John’s meeting with the angel was none other than asking for his help.

John wished he had an extra time over life. This is only as a form of reward because he has worked by deporting the troops of hell.

However, Gabriel gave a different answer. Doing good deeds but with selfish reasons will not lead John to Heaven.

John Constantine Reveals Death Case

John’s decision to help a police officer uncover the case of his twin brother’s death became the culmination of the Constantine film synopsis.

The police officer was named Angela Dodson. He lived an unfortunate life because his twin sister Isabel had died.

Isabel’s cause of death was jumping off the roof of a mental hospital. However, Angela did not believe that her brother had died by suicide.

The reason, Isabel is a very devout Catholic. Isabel believes that committing suicide will lead her to hell.

Before that, Angela saw a recording. In the recording, Isabel says “Constantine”.

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Finally, Angela decides to ask John for help to uncover the case of Isabel’s death. John did not immediately agree to Angela’s request.

However, after John saw for himself that the devil had been chasing Angela he was willing to help. In order to see the truth, John did a series of rituals.

John also saw Isabel was in hell and confirmed for himself whether Isabel really committed suicide. Surprising facts began to be revealed.

Turns out, when she was a teenager, Isabel had committed suicide because she was traumatized by seeing supernatural beings. Even though Isabel came back to life, when she died she still received a curse to hell.

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