Sumber Global Energy Shares Distribute Share Bonus and Dividend


It is reported that Sumber Global Energy shares will soon distribute bonuses and dividends. In fact, this happens only in a free way.

PT Sumber Global Energy Tbk (SGER) is a company engaged in the coal sector. News of the bonus that the company provides in cash for these investors from additional capital alias premium.

With this, it is intended that the company’s shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) will increase. So the stock will be liquid again.

Until now, it has been recorded that investors own SGER shares to be able to maintain it as an investment portfolio.

The total premium for Sumber Global Energi shares as of December 2021 reached Rp 110.65 billion which was distributed as a bonus.

For the distribution of shares, the maximum premium is Rp. 105.47 billion.

So the conclusion is that if the bonus shares issued by the company are 2.1 million. It can be said that the figure shows 2,109,415,956 shares to be precise.

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Global Energy Resources Stock Planning Bonus Sharing

The management of PT Sumber Global Energy Tbk (SGER) explained if there was a premium share distribution. This happens to strengthen the company’s capital.

With the stronger capital, the issuer is able to increase the volume of coal trading. So that energy can be developed and renewable in building infrastructure.

PT Sumber Global Energy Tbk (SGER) itself is a coal company that was established on March 17, 2008. The company is engaged in wholesale trading with its subsidiaries.

Solid, liquid fuels, renewable and renewable energies, as well as mining of soil minerals are the trades that the company does.

Although it has been established since 2008 but the issuer only started operating in 2011. Most of SGER’s shares are used as portfolios to increase investment capital.

The amount of premium available at the end of 2021 reached Rp 110.65 billion.

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Bonus Shares Are Still Assumptions

It is reported that Sumber Global Energy will distribute a number of shares to investors for free. Even the number of bonus shares reached a total of 2.1 million.

By calculating the warrants issued by the company, they have converted them into shares. So that the conclusion of SGER shares in December 2021 yesterday reached 2.34 billion shares.

The division ratio is 10:9. This means that every old investor will get 9 new shares.

Unfortunately, the ratio of the share bonuses given is still unclear.

Only assumptions that come out into the latest news if SGER shares will be distributed bonuses and dividends.

SGER shares will definitely ask for the approval of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMS), which is scheduled for June 12, 2022.

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The Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMS) decides on the number, ratio, and value of the shares to be distributed free of charge.

All are listed differently as stated in Sumber Global Energy’s stock information. For clarity, you can wait for the decision from the EGMS.


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