Sinkhole Movie Synopsis About Life’s Struggles That Are Almost in Vain


Synopsis Sinkhole tells the story of the struggles of many people’s lives. This film is directed by director Kim Ji Hoon. Sinkhole is a Korean film with producers Lee Soo Nam and Kim Yang Yeon.

Able to display an interesting story with a number of professional players. They are Cha Seung Won, Kim Sung Kyun, Lee Kwang Soo, and Kwon So Hyun. No wonder they can understand their role well.

In making the Sinkhole film in collaboration with various parties. Like the production company The Tower Pictures. Don’t forget to be with the Showbox distributor.

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Reportedly, this film will premiere on August 11, 2021. Its production cost a budget of 15 million South Korean Won.

Sinkhole Movie Synopsis, August 2021

The story of this film begins with the figure of Park Dong Won who is a tough man. He tried to save as much as possible to buy a house. In fact, he has been trying to save for 11 years.

He is very diligent and always tries hard to make his dreams come true. Because he was always diligent in saving, he was finally able to buy a house. Won is very happy when he can buy a house with his own money.

He even felt that it was not in vain for saving for a dozen years. All sweet fruit because they can get a dream house.

Sinkhole’s synopsis explains an oddity and the beginning of a mysterious problem. Park Dong Won was very surprised when he saw a harsh reality.

The house he had just bought had to run aground without a trace. Even the disappearance of the house was only an instant and a matter of minutes after purchase. It is quite mysterious and raises a lot of question marks.

This is simply because a drain hole opens by itself. It is located in the city center and submerged various buildings.

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Getting to Know Hardworking Figures

The synopsis of the Sinkhole film also shows that there is one character who is quite hard working. His name is Jung Man Soo as Park Dong Won’s neighbor. He is a single father and has three jobs.

Now he works in a gym, photography center and driver. Of course to meet the needs of living with his family.

This father figure works nimbly. Even always able to divide the time between work and family. No wonder the child really idolizes his father.

Sinkhole movie synopsis explains the struggle of life from the bottom and starting to stand. The house that was standing strong suddenly collapsed to the ground.

Everyone also goes into the hole into which houses and buildings sink. This makes everyone must be able to survive.

Basically it will show a very terrible underground life. No wonder if there is a pretty tense action behind this mystery.

Illustration of a movie

Sinkhole’s synopsis shows that the director said this thought would sway the audience’s interest. They would imagine a flat floor suddenly collapsing. This will make the audience more curious about the storyline.

The former sinking of the house as deep as 500 meters forms a very large hole. It even looks very scary because it happened suddenly. Of course, a lot of people thought this was wrong.

Knowing this, the police started an investigation. They collect all the evidence with the aim of finding out the mastermind behind all this.

Of course this problem makes everyone noisy. They panic if something similar happens to each of them.

Many Moral Messages from the Director

Sinkhole movie synopsis shows that the director tried to remind the good in this film. Giving lessons to all people about how to respond to a disaster.

The world and disasters cannot be guessed by ordinary people. One day humans will be caught in a big disaster. This is the moral message from the director regarding the focus on natural disasters.

In fact, this film can motivate everyone to stay alert and not panic. Because this attitude is very helpful for mental conditions that have been disturbed. That way no matter how big the problem there must be a way that accompanies it.

How is the continuation of the Sinkhole film synopsis? Look forward to the release date of this film. Don’t forget to watch the plot of the film that catches everyone’s attention.

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