Review of Kingdom Ashin of The North, Origin of Death Generating Plants


In this review of Kingdom Ashin of The North, Jun Ji Hyun plays the main character and steals the show. He experienced a sad childhood, lost his family, risked his life by becoming a spy at a very young age. Until when he grew up, he became a monster who killed all his enemies.

The story begins when little Ashin (Kim Shi Ah) finds an artifact that tells of a rare plant. According to ancient writings carved in stone, the plant could resurrect the dead, but there was a price to pay. Ashin thought that the plant could cure his sick mother.

Ashin lives in Seongjeoyain Village, where the Jurchens are exiled. They occupy Joseon land, so they are not recognized by any party. His father, Tahab (Kim Roe Ha) has to endure inhuman treatment from outsiders. For the sake of feeding the villagers, there was no time to think about pride.

Zombie Story Review in Kingdom Ashin of The North

Until one day, Tahab left the village to become a spy because it was the only job that promised big rewards.

After his father left, Ashin took care of his sick mother with his siblings. Since their territory was neither recognized by the Jurchens nor Joseon, no healer would want to come there. Ashin goes to the forest to pick rare plants in the hope of healing his mother.

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In the review of Kingdom Ashin of The North, the feud of the Jurchens and Joseons is a battle for territory. However, there is a forbidden forest that has taken its toll. The Joseon people who went in search of wild ginseng never came back.

Innocent Victims of War

When Ashin came back, all the residents of Seongjeoyain Village had died. They became innocent victims of the Joseon and Jurchen wars. Ashin then goes to Min Chi Rok (Park Byung Eun) to offer to become a spy like his father. Ashin’s goal at that time was to take revenge for not accepting the victims of his village.

Ashin enters the Joseon military base, he has to sleep in a pigsty and wash dirty clothes in the river during winter. However, in between his activities, Ashin had the opportunity to practice arrows. He continued to hone his skills until he became a reliable hunter.

Adult Ashin Who is Good at Hunting

Through this review of Kingdom Ashin of The North, we will see how Ashin struggles to stay alive in the midst of tough threats. He also experienced harassment from the people of Joseon. However, adult Ashin (Jun Ji Hyun) has prepared a sweet revenge plan.

First, he drew a map of the Joseon military headquarters. Then he went to Jurchen to give the plan to Min Chi Rok. His mission as a spy has been completed, but there is something tragic he finds. His father, Tahab, was put in pasung because he was considered to have betrayed his own people.

The Kingdom Ashin of The North review shows the suffering of being an outcast. There is no more justice and hope to continue living. Ashin invites his father to run away. However, Tahab instead asked Ashin to end his life. Ashin is forced to grant his father’s request while vowing to take revenge on the people of Jurchen and Joseon.

When the Corpses Rise To Zombies

Second, Ashin killed several Joseon people at the military base. He uses rare plants to resurrect corpses. The origin of this rare plant will answer the mystery that appeared in the Kingdom season 2 series. Revenge on the people of Joseon who treated him unfairly, is now avenged.

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The corpses turned into scary zombies and attacked the entire Joseon headquarters. Review Kingdom Ashin of The North is the mastermind behind the emergence of zombies, but audiences will support whatever he does for revenge.

The revenge for the Jurchens turned out to be even more sadistic. Ashin resurrects the corpses of villagers with rare plants. He entertains his villagers who have become zombies by dragging the Jurchens alive.

The ending of the review of Kingdom Ashin of The North is deliberately hanging so that the audience is curious to watch the sequel. Reportedly, Netflix will release Kingdom: Crown Prince which focuses on Prince Lee Chang. Actor Ju Ji Hoon will play Lee Chang in the sequel to this zombie story. (R7/HR-Online)

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