Prospect of Palm Oil Issuers Stocks Unstable Due to CPO Export Ban


The prospect of palm oil issuers’ shares is under pressure in the short term. This is due to the ban on CPO exports (crude palm oil) and their derivatives.

Palm oil stocks also experienced a varied trend ahead of this year’s Eid holiday. Even on April 28, 2022, the stock experienced a serious increase and decrease.

As is known, palm oil is currently undergoing a pretty fantastic price reshuffle. This is certainly not without reason.

There are many issuers of palm oil that experienced a decline and increase until the Eid holiday yesterday. In the short term, this investment tends to be depressed.

Until a decision from the government makes the issuer unstable. How long will the government close the export faucet in Indonesia?

With this, it can be concluded that the prospect of palm oil issuers’ shares suppresses the performance of CPO due to not being allowed to export.

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Prospects of Palm Oil Issuers tend to vary

Palm oil stocks are now starting to experience quite varied prospects. This is due to the policy of enacting palm oil exports.

Even though there is a decline in revenue from CPO issuers, it can still turn around. Considering that CPO prices continue to rise, it is not necessarily followed by stock movements that can be considered for the long term.

This is a correction like what happened to coal issuers some time ago. After reopening, the price of coal shares actually followed the market price.

However, according to Wawan Hendrayana as Vice President of INFOVESTA, the ban on CPO exports has no effect on the JCI.

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As for some palm oil stocks that experienced a decline and increase, among others:

  1. AALI shares actually fell by 2.91% to the position of Rp 12,500/share
  2. Meanwhile, PT Smart Tbk (SMAR) shares rose slightly by 0.43% to Rp 4,630/share
  3. In contrast, LSIP shares fell 1.78% to Rp 1,380/share
  4. SSMS shares slip at Rp 1,065/share by 1.84%
  5. For stock positions that rose 1% to a position of Rp 505/share by SIMP
  6. Furthermore, GZCO shares fell to Rp 190/share 2.06%
  7. ANJT slumps to Rp 960/share at 2.04%
  8. TAPG shares rose 3.08% to Rp 670/share
  9. DSNG shares fell 2.42% at Rp 605/share, and
  10. BWPT is stagnant at Rp. 78/share.

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JCI closing during Eid Holidays

The prospect of shares of palm oil issuers has undergone many changes in various issuers. There is an increase, decrease, to stagnation.

Before the JCI or the Composite Stock Price Index was in the green zone, it was supported by significant foreign investor buying. At the close of trading for the Eid holiday on April 28, 2022, the JCI rose to 7,228.91.

Ahead of the Eid holiday yesterday, the JCI was at the highest level of 7,267.11 and the lowest level of 7,204.59.

In fact, as many as 226 stocks weakened and only 162 stocks remained silent. The ban on CPO exports has an impact on the unstable stock prospects of palm oil issuers.


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