Profile of Tangmo Nida, The Model Who Went Viral Because Her Death Was A Mystery – Tangmo Nida’s profile is currently a hot topic of discussion among netizens around the world.

In fact, many netizens have asked who Tangmo Nida is, who has now become viral on social media.

Tangmo Nida’s name went viral not without reason, because at this time his death is still a mystery.

Tangmo Nida is a senior artist from Thailand.

His name went viral after the news of his death that so many things bothered him.

In addition, Tangmo Nida’s own death is now a mystery among the public.

As for Tangmo Nida himself, popularly known as Tangmo Patarida or Tangmo Nida, the local authorities found dead.

Photos of Tangmo Nida’s body were spread across various social media.

Not only that, his name has become a hot topic of discussion because of the many irregularities.

It is said that Tangmo Nida died after drowning in a river called Chao Phraya.

He disappeared drowned in the Chao Phraya River in Thailand on February 26, 2022 yesterday.

Unfortunately, the local authorities only found Tangmo Nida’s body two days after his death.

That’s why many netizens question Tangmo Nida’s profile on internet social media.

Moreover, photos of Tangmo Nida’s body were widely circulated which made netizens even more curious.

There is also evidence of video footage in the area of ​​​​the ship when he was about to die which is the subject of discussion.

The circulation of the pictures before Tangmo Nida’s death has caused the public all over the world to feel concerned.

This is The Profile of Tangmo Nida which is Viral

Evidence about the video footage of the ship when Tangmo Nida was about to die became public consumption.

Not without reason, in the video Tangmo Nida is right on the boat.

However, his friends looked so calm in the video that went viral.

Because at that time Tangmo Nida was no longer on the ship with his friends.

That’s why the photo of Tangmo Nida’s body has now gone viral on many social media such as Instagram and Twitter.

The following is a brief profile of Tangmo Nida that many people are looking for.

The full name of Tangmo Nida is Nida Patcharawirapong.

He is often called by a nickname, namely Tang Mo or Mo.

Tangmo or Nida Patcharawirapong is a senior actress, singer and model.

This 37-year-old woman has a height of up to 168 cm and a weight that reaches 47 kg.

Naturally, he has a proportional body because he is a professional model.

This beautiful model who was born on September 13, 1984, is reportedly not married or still single.

Meanwhile, to get to know him more, you can visit Tangmo Nida’s Instagram account, namely @melonp.official.

On the other hand, many netizens found irregularities in the circulation of photos of Tangmo Nida’s body without censorship on social media.

Not without reason, because netizens saw a torn wound on the model’s leg.

Based on the photo of Tangmo Nida’s body circulating, many netizens judged that he died because he was a victim of murder.

However, local officials stated that Tangmo Nida died because he fell from the speedboat.

After that he drowned at the bottom of the Chao Phraya River, Thailand.

Not only netizens, it is reported that the mother also doubts the death of Tangmo Nida, who was determined to have drowned because he did not use a life jacket.

Surprisingly, the friends who were with Tangmo Nida informed that they did not realize that Tangmo Nida had drowned.

After seeing the photo of Tangmo Nida’s corpse, a number of speculations came to Tangmo Nida’s latest profile.

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