Pipeline Synopsis, The Story of a Korean Oil Company Theft

The film Synopsis Pipeline tells the story of oil theft in Korea.

This film is directed by director Yoo Ha. Meanwhile, the producers of this film are Lee Sung Jin and Yoon Hong Jun.

The scriptwriters for the film Pipeline are Kim Kyoung Chan and Yoo Ha.

Of course it will bring a pretty interesting story.

So many fans give positive appreciation to this film.

Because the plot is quite interesting, it features the best young Korean chords and artists.

They are Seo In Guk, Lee Soo Hyuk. and Eum Moon Suk.

They appear with full appreciation of each character.

The making of this film in collaboration with GOM Pictures and Movera Pictures.

While the distributors are CJ Entertainment, Little Big Pictures, Megabox JoongAng, PlusM, and Finecut Co.

Read the synopsis of this film to know the storyline.

New Pipeline Film Synopsis 2021

Although this film has been released since May 26, 2021, its charm has never faded.

There are still many Korean film fans who deliberately look at it carefully.

The film with a duration of 108 minutes from the beginning received a warm welcome.

The story of Pipeline will bring about one of South Korea’s biggest oil thefts.

Gun Woo was the head of an oil refining company at the time.

However, he has an evil plan to steal the oil supplies.

He planned to hide the mineral in an underground tunnel.

Basically South Korea has more than 1,200 km of pipelines.

Gun Woo plans to steal the oil in just 30 days.

The film synopsis Pipeline explains that Gun Woo has prepared everything to launch his action.

One of the things he would do was drill a pipe between Hona, and the Seoul-Busan highway.

This can lead to quite a big problem.

But he couldn’t do it alone.

He needed a work partner who would carry out this brutal act.

Gun Woo gathers everyone who can do it.

They are Pin Dol Yi, Jeop Sae, Geun San and Counter.

Team Building

The film’s synopsis for Pipeline shows Gun Woo immediately forming a team for the action.

The people He chooses certainly have special expertise in that field.

So that Gun Woo will only finance all of these efforts.

Either way, the most important thing is to steal the company’s oil.

It seems that each of them are experts in drilling technicians, reliable in welding, and so on.

The names of their team members are already quite well known in South Korea.

This proves that the quality of their work is actually very good.

They just don’t use it properly.

Team Tasks

The synopsis of the film Pipeline shows the division of tasks for each team member.

Pin Dol Yi and Jeop Sae will be in charge of all technical matters.

It is different with Geun Sab who will be responsible for the excavation of the soil.

The Section Chief is in charge of making plans to create an underground road that leads to the oil pipeline.

They hope that this work can be completed on time.

So you get multiple benefits. Later there will be a profit sharing from this theft.

It looks like Gun Woo and his team are enthusiastic about stealing oil.

From the start, no one suspected the actions of these five people.

Given that Gun Woo holds the full power of the company.

Underground Oil Breaking Action

The film synopsis Pipeline explains that they try with extraordinary enthusiasm.

In fact, neither party really had any suspicions.

So that the journey of this action is not hampered by anyone.

The oil theft would probably have gone smoothly without negligence.

But it was predictable if there would be a big problem with the theft of oil.

Not to mention they bore holes in the pipes which could have a negative impact on the balance of the underground environment.

Carcasses that have been buried with a lot of stuff will definitely smell good too.

This is the same as Gun woo’s action with his team members.

They will find a reality that is quite bitter in the future.

How will the Synopsis for Pipeline continue?

Did Gun Woo manage to break into the oil refinery?

Watch the full story by watching the film Papeline.

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