Papo World Playground Game is here, let’s try playing it now!


Papo World Playground Game is an app of Color Games Network Co.Ltd and is listed under education category.

This version was released on April 29, 2022 and already has more than 2 million users.

Even this game reportedly has a rating of up to 2 thousand and the average rating value reaches 3.7. Then how to play the game?

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Papo World Playground Game Has Officially Released

Most of the applications available on the iOS App Store and Google Play services are made specifically for the mobile platform.

But did you know that you can still use your favorite iOS and Android apps on your laptop even if they aren’t available for PC?

This comes out of a number of simple tricks that you can use to download Android apps on Windows machines. Then use it as if you were using it on the Android device.

Well, for now you can easily download and install Papo World Playground even on a PC. But before downloading it, it’s better if you know about the most exciting game.

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About Game

This Papo World Playground game is at the top of the application in the Education category in the Google Play Store service. It earns rating points as well as very good reviews.

Even today, the game, especially for Windows, has reportedly received more than 1 million installations.

As for the average star rating, it has reached 3.7 user aggregate rating points.

Most of these applications are also developed for mobile devices. In addition, the Android emulator also allows users to use all of these applications on PC devices.

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How to Play it?

In this Papo World Playground game, the library in Papo city has just lost a number of important books. So your task is to help Purple Pink to find the books.

Look in every corner of the playground and books may be hidden in the most unlikely of places. Meanwhile, there is a big prize if you manage to find the book, namely the player can read it.

Of course, these interesting little stories are fun enough that you can read them after practicing English. In fact, you can also record and then listen to your own voice.

There will be many places for exploration, for example such as a trampoline, ocean ball room, game room, and others. Friends in the city of Papo can also join the mission.

This game is also very suitable for children because it can be used to train in English. Because it has a cool design that can make children feel happy.

Therefore, it is not only you who can play the Papo World Playground Game, but your children can too.


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