OctaFX Copy Trading Redesigned, There’s Investment Protection Feature!


OctaFX copy trading gets redesigned. What’s new? Indonesian trading platform OctaFX introduced a major change they made to their copy trading setup.

This change or redesign aims to make it easier for users to copy orders to Master Traders in the same volume.

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Latest News OctaFX Copy Trading Updated

Global trading broker, OctaFX decided to make an update at the beginning of 2022. They redesigned important settings in their copy trading service.

Copy trading setup at OctaFX is a top service among the company’s clients. This service has also become so popular for several reasons.

The first reason is because it makes it easier for you to access the services contained in the OctaFX application or the desktop version.

Second, this service allows those of you who have limited expertise in forex to still be able to benefit.

Through a press release on Wednesday (12/7/22) yesterday, OctaFX said that they will strive to make the Master Trading subscription process more transparent in copy trading.

In this update, they redesigned the parameters that the copycat engine could set when subscribing to a professional trader service.

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How Copy Trading Works

OctaFX copy trading works by pre-selecting existing Master Trader orders in equal, double, triple or other volumes.

After selecting the copy mode, the copycats will then see the investment they need in order to start copying Master Trades in this mode.

The newest feature of copy trading machines is the support fund service. The trading copy machine can choose whether to add support funds or not.

Support funds serve as a protection for your investment from market movements that are certainly unexpected. The amount will be determined to support the trading strategy when the market is fluctuating.

As for every investment that the Trading Master needs will be calculated automatically. The pro trading feature is an algorithm to calculate the max amount.

In this way, trading copy machines can choose a Trading Master based on how much they are willing to invest.

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Make it easier for users

In 2021, OctaFX has earned the title as the best forex copy trading platform by the leading media from South Africa, TradeForexSA. The award is based on the criteria for the performance of the copying machine

With that, they continued to strive to improve the performance of their copying machines. The goal, of course, is to make it easier for users who want to try investing.

Users can take advantage of the latest available features to add insight into the world of trading so as to minimize the risk of loss and get maximum profit.

The increase in OctaFX copy trading is expected to improve the company’s performance and be an inspiration for other forex broker developers.


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