Myths or Facts Exhaust Emission Tests Make Gasoline Efficient? Here’s the explanation! –

Cars that are fuel efficient are a favorite of vehicle users because they can reduce operational costs.

Jakarta, – Many people are willing to make modifications to their vehicles to reduce fuel consumption. In fact, this step could potentially cause car components, especially the engine, to experience interference, reduce vehicle durability, and risk losing the car warranty.

Seeing this fact, Auto2000 provides an explanation, there is actually a safer way to help increase fuel consumption efficiency.

But before that, make sure you have applied the eco-driving principle. Because whatever efforts are carried out will not produce optimal results, if the driving style on the road is still uncontrolled and aggressive.

Exhaust Emission Test as a Gasoline Saving Solution?

A simple step that can be carried out is a vehicle exhaust emission test. Emission testing is the process of testing the content of motor vehicle exhaust gases produced when the engine is running. The purpose of the emission test is to measure the extent of the performance and level of fuel efficiency of the car. The more efficient the engine will certainly reduce fuel consumption.

The car exhaust emission test is part of the standard procedure for regular servicing of official workshops. Each technician knows the level of health of the car based on the results of the emission test. If the resulting exhaust gas content exceeds the specified threshold, the data is an indicator of a problematic engine component and must be checked for solutions, such as adjusting engine settings or replacing components with new ones.

Even if there is no damage, the emission test stage ensures that the engine is always in top condition to achieve the best level of efficiency. The emission test can determine whether the content of air and fuel used is in accordance with the specifications and needs of the engine so that it can work optimally. By knowing the best performance of the engine, high fuel efficiency will be obtained and it is profitable because the engine is not thirsty for gasoline.

Test Car Exhaust Emissions at Authorized Workshops

Because it is part of the periodic service stage, the exhaust emission test is free of charge. However, if you want to do it independently without regular service, you will be charged a fee of around Rp. 150 thousand – Rp. 200 thousand including VAT, excluding service fees and spare parts.

“Make sure emission testing is part of a lifestyle to maintain engine performance, save fuel, and reduce operating costs. More than that, this can contribute to maintaining environmental cleanliness because exhaust gas emissions are always below the set threshold,” said Nur Imansyah Tara, Aftersales Business Division Head Auto2000, recently.

Source : Autos.ID

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