Korean Drama Ending Married That Makes Hearts Flower


Korean drama ending married makes the audience curious. Because usually the story begins with a complicated and unusual love story.

Stories in Korean dramas are always interesting, especially the actors who play the role also have good looking faces.

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Not only relying on the face, the acting is very total. Certainly not cans. Including the recommendations for Korean dramas below that have a married ending.

Recommendations for Korean Drama Ending Married

The following are recommendations for Korean dramas whose storylines are heartwarming but end with a happy ending.

This is because the actors sit on the aisle chairs after struggling with various problems that hinder their love.

While You Were Sleeping

The first Korean drama ending in marriage was in While You Were Sleeping which was released in 2017.

Even though it has been released for a long time, many fans are watching this drama, starring Lee Jong Suk.

In the drama While You Were Sleeping, Lee Jong Suk has a role as Jung Jae Chan and works as a prosecutor. Meanwhile, he is 29 years old.

The female lead in one of the Korean dramas ending in marriage is Bae Suzy. He plays the character Nam Hong Joo.

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In the drama While You Were Sleeping, Bae Suzy has a profession as a reporter who also has the ability to dream of something that will happen later.

With this ability, Hong Joo dreams of an event that will happen in the real world. Of course, what is in this dream has a very close relationship with Jae Chan.

The two of them always tried their best to prevent when some bad things were about to happen.

However, over time they fell in love and decided to get married. After getting married, there were also some very scary events.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

The next Korean drama ending in marriage is What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. In the drama there is actor Park Seo Joon who plays Lee Young Joon.

In this drama, Lee Young Joon became a vice chairman of the Yookyung Group which is famous for having a handsome face and likes to work hard.

In his daily activities, Lee Young Joon was successfully accompanied by a very beautiful woman by the name of Kim Mi So (Park Min Young) who turned out to be his first love.

Lee Young Joon has also worked in this field for many years in his field.

In this Korean drama ending in marriage, initially Lee Young Joon still has fear and trauma with events in his past.

However, over time the trauma was successfully removed by Kim Mi So. After a short approach, the two decided to get married.

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Many of the viewers of the drama What’s Wrong With Secretary want Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young to have a romantic relationship in real life. In addition, many in the audience wished the two of them the best.

Angel’s Last Mission

The Korean drama Angel’s Last Mission now also has a married ending. This drama features actor Kim Myung Soo or also known as L as the main actor.

The actor who is a member of the boy band Infinite becomes the male lead named Shin Hye Sun.

The Korean drama ending married was first released in 2019. The drama also tells of a ballerina by the name of Lee Yeon Seo (Shin Hye Sun) who is blind due to an accident that happened to her.

Loneliness made Lee Yeon Seo to be fierce and rude to some people. Until one day Lee Yeon Seo managed to hear the voice of Kim Dan.

Kim Dan is a reckless angel who has a mission to find Lee Yeon Seo’s true love. Kim Dan’s job is to find a man who will accept Lee Yeon Seo for who she is. On the other hand, Kim Dan fell in love with Lee Yeon Seo.

Well, those are some recommendations from Korean drama ending married. Because it ends happily, of course after watching the heart become flowery. Have you watched any? (R7 / HR-Online / Editor-Ndu)


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