iPhone Cannot Read SIM Card, Follow These Tips!


iPhone can’t read sim card suddenly happens to your device? Don’t worry, you can solve this problem in several easy ways, so follow our discussion.

This Apple-owned device sometimes experiences this one problem. Especially some Iphone 8 series and below must have experienced something like this.

Sim cards that we can use in the country can experience something like this because it has not been registered on an iOS device. So, if this has happened, many people are immediately confused.

Though you can solve this problem easily and simply. Therefore, try to make sure to follow our directions.

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iPhone Can’t Read SIM Card, What’s Up?

If you experience this, there’s no need to be confused because sometimes Apple doesn’t register a particular SIM and ends up not being detected.

If it says No SIM Card Installed, no SIM card installed or No SIM/Searching, it means that there is a problem with your phone.

iPhone 8 users and below have a version that still doesn’t support this. Therefore, it would be better if you find out how to overcome this.

But remember not to panic and stay calm to try these steps.

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Try Airplane Feature

First you need to try for this one feature. We can turn on and off the airplane feature on iOS.

You give a pause of approximately 10 minutes to turn it on and off.

Usually when activating airplane all internet or network activity will stop temporarily.

This will help find out what happened to the phone. So do this because it’s very easy.

After that, see if it’s more than that time to let him rest. When finished, you can turn off this feature again.

See if the reading on the SIM has changed after you deactivated it.

Usually this method is quite effective and the easiest for you to try yourself. Therefore, without needing any other method, you just have to turn on and turn off the features in it.

Restart the iPhone Device

Furthermore, the iPhone cannot read the SIM card, we can try to overcome it by restarting. Usually when an error occurs or something like that on a device, you can fix it by restarting it.

You must have known this method, right? Just look for the power icon and then just turn off the cellphone with the restart option.

After that, the device will turn off for a while and turn back on to restore the state.

Many use this method and it works of course. After turning it back on, the network will usually reappear on the phone.

Quite easy is not this one way for the first treatment.

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iOS Updates

iPhone can’t read the SIM card, you can also solve it by updating the device.

Usually this method will be the best solution, obviously will provide the best solution. Therefore, follow our steps below.

First you just do the settings on the device. After that, all you have to do is select General which will contain several features to make settings on the cellphone.

Remember to always back up and secure the device data. Then you just select Software Update. If so, the iPhone will carry out the update process to do the latest version.

Make sure that the WiFi network on the phone is smooth to help the update process easily. After success, you can check for yourself whether the SIM network has appeared.

If it turns out that the iPhone can’t read the SIM card and there’s still no change, you can just take it to the counter.

It could be, the problem also occurs with your card. Not because of the iPhone device, but because the card can’t be read. Therefore it would be better if you pay attention to things like this for safety.

iPhone can’t read SIM cards as this is actually quite simple. If you experience this make sure to follow the steps above to resolve it.


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