How to Track a Lost Android Phone Easily Anti-Complicated


How to track a lost Android phone you can do with easy steps. In fact there are many ways you can do to find the whereabouts of the . When is lost, it’s better if you don’t panic.

Quickly track it down before its location is too far away. The existence of mobile phones is now increasingly needed by the wider community.

Even to carry out various activities, now many have been done using sophisticated devices.

s are one of the devices that are quite needed to be able to communicate with other people.

In fact, there are still many advantages of smartphones. Unfortunately not everyone can take care of it properly. Not a few crimes occur with smartphone theft cases.

When this happens to you, you should not panic. Because, the panic you experience will actually create a dead end. There are many ways you can do when you lose your smartphone today.

In addition to forgetting to save it, a lost smartphone can also be due to theft. If this happens, immediately use the method of tracking the Android phone before it gets too far away.

This one device is not only used for long-distance communication tools. There are still many functions that you can get.

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How to Track Android Phone with Easy Steps

The role of the smartphone is now quite diverse. Not only for communication activities, but many things can be done with .

For example, as a means of payment, mobile transactions, to space to store various documents. No wonder if is lost, the owner will feel panicked.

If the cellphone is lost, important data will also be lost. to be able to handle it, you don’t need to panic, immediately do data tracking and blocking in the right way.

There are easy and practical ways to track Android phones that you can do, including:

Via Google Maps

There is an easy way to track a lost Android phone via Google Maps. This application comes with many services that can help you.

Starting from road conditions, road maps, travel routes, and many others. In addition to being present with these various features, you can use them to track your cell phone.

  1. Please select the settings menu and share the location in the upper left corner
  2. Choose a tracking time, for example 1 hour or disabled so that you can track continuously without time limit
  3. The next step is to select People, then fill in the email address and mobile number you want to track
  4. Please click share and press activate.

By following these steps, it is certain that the lost cellphone will be tracked for 24 hours using Google Maps.

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Via Email

Apart from how to track a lost Android phone using the Google Maps application, there are many other ways, including email. When you decide to use this method follow the appropriate steps.

  1. Login to Google account via PC or laptop browser application
  2. Next, you can click on the nine dot which is located at the top right
  3. Please click on the account option and security menu
  4. After that, you can check the confirmation about the device that has access to your Gmail
  5. In this way a lost cellphone can be tracked by pressing the full details button
  6. Please select search for a device which will later be transferred to Google’s Find My Device service feature itself. Although the information you get does not show the location of the cellphone accurately. But by using this method, you can make it easier to make choices.

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Tracking Lost in Off Condition

How to track a lost Android phone can be due to various factors. One of them is because you forgot to put it. One that you can use is Google Maps.

You can use Google Maps if you have lost your cellphone. But if the phone weighs 20 kg and the condition is dead, then you can follow these steps:

  1. How to track a cellphone by opening the Google Maps application.
  2. The next step is to tap the three icon in the upper left corner. Then enter the account and select the option at the top left.
  3. Enter the lost account according to the tracker.
  4. Please press the menu button and click activate

You can use the method of tracking a lost Android phone so that it will be visible for 24 hours through these methods.


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