How to Reject WhatsApp Messages Without Blocking Contacts


How to reject WhatsApp messages can be done without having to bother blocking someone’s contact if you are lazy to accept it. WhatsApp is one of the most widely used instant messaging applications.

Every day many people use the WhatsApp application to chat or send messages. But sometimes there are messages or chats from someone we don’t really expect to come in.

Then, how to overcome this? For those of you who are lazy, it’s complicated if you have to block contacts. Or want the impression of “unnoticed” if you really don’t like it.

How to Reject WhatsApp Messages

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Summarizing from various sources, you can reject incoming WhatsApp messages by taking advantage of the archive feature available on the WhatsApp application.

Even though with this feature the message will still come in, it won’t bother you because it’s in a bad state mute and archived. So there will be no info if someone you don’t expect sends a message.

One of the features in the WhatsApp application released since April 2019 also makes you prefer to prioritize messages that are important.

Meanwhile, messages in the archive feature remain in a state muteunless from time to time you return the settings to normal mode as with other messages.

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On its Twitter account, WhatsApp wrote that this archive feature allows users to prioritize private message settings and important chats.

So, the chat remains archived and in a state mute, but you can still change it back.

How to Take Advantage of the Message Archive Feature on WhatsApp

How to reject WhatsApp messages by taking advantage of the message archive feature in the WhatsApp application. The first step is to open the WhatsApp application until the incoming chat message appears.

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Then, long press one of the messages. After that, just select it, then press the box with the arrow to enter or archive.

Later the message column stored in the archive will be at the top of the WhatsApp chat view. Even so, this method will no longer be annoying because the message is in mute.

How to Undo the Message Archive Feature

How to reject WhatsApp messages by canceling the message archive feature. How to open the WhatsApp application. Then open the archived message field.

Then press the message, select it, then press the box with an arrow to the top or to the outside (cancel archive).

That’s how to reject WhatsApp messages from someone that you can easily do without having to bother blocking contacts. (R3/HR-Online/Editor-Eva)


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