How to Connect iPhone Hotspot to Laptop, Use These Options!


We can try to connect iPhone hotspot to laptop in several easy ways. The features available in the device this time we can make the best choice.

iOS users should not miss the following discussion in full. The reason is, some new users must be adapting using a system that is quite different from the smartphone this time.

If we compare with Android devices, of course very different. They present a choice of different safari views and settings.

Well, that’s why it would be better if we knew that way. To solve solutions when you need an internet network easily.

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How to Connect Hotspot iPhone to Laptop, Use Some of These Options

The internet network we need can come from tethering to an iPhone device practically.

So, when you’re opening your laptop and want to get internet access, you don’t have to worry anymore because we have easy steps.

Without using a complicated router or modem. You can rely on Smartphone devices that definitely have a smooth internet network.

Follow these steps to make it easier to use. So, in full, here’s an easy and efficient way to help find an internet connection.

WiFi Features

Every smartphone today is certain to have a WiFi feature. Then you can use it to request an internet network.

You only need to activate the WiFi feature to be able to use it.

First open the page for the settings of the iOS. After that, look for the network settings section for a personal hotspot or if you use Indonesian, a personal hotspot will be listed.

You don’t have to hesitate anymore to try it when doing this setting.

Usually you just need to set a password like sharing the internet network. After that, you can try to set a password that is difficult and not easy for people to guess.

Composing passwords usually requires several characters, not just letters.

After that, you can connect with that connection easily. How to connect an iPhone hotspot to a laptop using WiFi like this will be easy.

Because the laptop will find your active network for the tethering icon.

When you have successfully entered the password, you will automatically be able to connect it. You can easily use the connected connection to access the laptop.

Then you just use it as needed, this method is easy, isn’t it?

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Using USB

Well, if you want while trying to get a faster and more stable network, you can use the following steps.

Many people choose to use additional tools or cables to help stabilize the network. Therefore, usually they will use USB for the solution.

How to connect iPhone hotspot to laptop using USB is quite easy. We just need to prepare the cable that will connect between your laptop and iOS.

After successfully connecting to each other, you just have to use them by selecting the Network Adapters section.

You just need to connect via Apple Mobile Device Ethernet.

After successfully agreeing to the settings via the phone, you will usually get access to the internet network to share. Even while charging the battery through the laptop.

Isn’t it quite profitable to use this one option? The network is smooth and of course more secure and practical, because using USB is very easy for you to try.

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Bluetooth Features

The next way to connect the iPhone hotspot to a laptop is to use the Bluetooth feature. Often relied on to share large files and still maintain the quality of the files.

Now you can use it to share internet data with each other.

Well, when you turn on the connection from Bluetooth, you can easily share the network from the mobile device. You don’t need to be confused, because how to use it is similar to the WiFi feature that we previously discussed.

You can make several of these options and choose the best. Therefore, please try it and prove it yourself easily you can do.

How to connect an iPhone hotspot to a laptop is easy, isn’t it for us to rely on every day?


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