Honda Officially Auctions 1990 VFR750R RC30 Motorcycle In UK

On May 14, 2022, a fine, never-listed 1990 Honda VFR750R RC30 put up a new auction in the UK.

The motorcycle in question is in the hands of a private collector because it is new and has never been registered and only shows as “push kilometers” on the odometer. When it was just sold around £ 8,499 or around Rp 131 million adjusted for inflation. That doesn’t appear to be this very rare 1990 RC30 for sale. So, what is the magic number? £65,250 or around Rp. 1 billion.

As noted in the listing, the 1990 RC30 motorcycle was exported from Japan to Italy, and was then part of Honda’s David Silver collection until 2017.

A 1990 Honda VFR750R RC30 motorcycle is for sale in like new condition and the lucky auction winner will also receive the original. For the tool kit shipped from Honda itself and all related Italian documents that came with this bike.

Around 3,000 to 5,000 RC30s are produced by Honda for all world markets. Between 1987 and 1990, this bike also very quickly established itself in the minds of anyone who loved racing at the time.

Honda VFR750R RC30 1990

A street racer as well as a legend named Joey Dunlop, Carl Fogarty, and Fred Merkel are noted to have successfully won on an RC30 motorbike. It’s THE BIKE to own and it certainly still tops the list of historic machines that are so cool more than 30 years later.

Is this the most famous and beloved racing homologation ever produced? That could be debatable, but there’s no doubt that it ranks quite high on the list. There is likely to be the best example of Soichiro Hondan continuing to strive to prove the outstanding technical feats of his team.

Honda VFR750R RC30 1990

By building each and every one of these production motorcycles alongside real factory racing machines. This becomes one of those stories where it’s not just a case of past thought in revealing “they didn’t build it like they used to.” Nobody will do it in 2022; that’s madness. However, that is also what makes this bike so special to many people.

Source : Autos.ID

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