Google Earth App for Location Overview, Here’s How to Use It


The Google Earth application is one of the developments from Google that allows users to see the whole world through images.

In particular, this Google Earth with 3D graphics technology is quite fantastic using an internet connection.

The presence of Google Earth shows other parts of users, both their own homes and the destinations they want to visit.

Interestingly, users can change the perspective of the map if they change the perspective to be more realistic. As if everything is real and in accordance with the original.

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How to Use Google Earth Android App

Basically this Google Earth shows the street as well as the street name in each location. In addition, users can use the program to map roads and plan trips accurately.

How to use it is also quite easy. Check out the following steps.

Open Google Earth

The first step is to open Google Earth via Android. Those who use computers can log in via

Meanwhile, through the application, you can directly open it. Click browse and the user can see a picture of the world. Click or drag the image to browse through it.

Location Determination and 3D Display

Then the user activates the grid line to find out the geographic coordinates of the point and the user’s estimate wherever he is.

Given that all locations in Google Earth are not all displayed in 3D images, users can display them by clicking the menu and selecting a map style. After that activate the 3D building.

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Image Load

Until finally the user performs the image loading process. Because Google Earth itself requires a process or time that is quite long in displaying the location as a whole.

There is the most practical way to find out how many images an app can fit.

You do this by selecting the menu then settings and select the size of the memory cache. This method speeds up the image loading process, so the application can function quickly as it should.

If your Android allows, then users can view 3D images by showing the symbolic places of important cities.

With this Google Earth application, you can see not only the location of your house. But also a list of restaurants and certain places will be visible.

Google Earth is a fairly essential application that is normally installed on every device. It certainly allows everyone to travel to other parts of the world without ever leaving home.

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Everyone can explore the world with satellite imagery and 3D terrain of all globes and buildings around the world. As an example to try it, you can use Google Earth to zoom in on your house and see a 360 degree perspective with street view.

So users can visualize maps and stories to make them more real through their mobile. The Google Earth application maximizes the user in knowing the location in 3D.


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