Free Fire Choose BTS to Be Global Brand Ambassador – The viral Free Fire game this time brings good news for K-pop fans who also like to play FF ​​games.

This is because the South Korean boyband BTS has officially become the global brand ambassador of the viral game Free Fire.

Free Fire is a game released by Garena with a battle royale theme.

This game has become one of the viral games, especially among young Indonesians.

In March 2022, BTS will be involved in various promotional events for the Free Fire game.

So that the promotional event can be enjoyed by the global community.

Harold Teo as the producer of Garena Free Fire then revealed the reason why he chose BTS as one of the brand ambassadors for the game.

According to Harold, BTS is one of the global phenomenon musicians who have talent.

In addition, Harold also said that BTS has a fairly high appeal.

Not surprisingly, he chose BTS as the brand ambassador for the latest Free Fire viral game.

According to Harold Teo, BTS has become a global phenomenon with their unparalleled appeal and influence.

He also said that his party was very happy to welcome BTS as part of their new global brand ambassador.

He continued that his party couldn’t wait to share a series of events in the form of collaborations with BTS that they already had.

It’s not just the Free Fire game, of course, K-pop fans are looking forward to BTS’ participation in the game.

Free Fire Collaboration With BTS

Meanwhile, there are other goals, so Harold Teo collaborated between Free Fire and BTS.

He said his party wants to reach a bigger market and not only among game fans.

Besides that, Harold also wants BTS fans to also be able to enjoy the viral game, which is played online.

He also explained that through boygroups in the Free Fire world, they provide many new and exciting experiences in playing.

In his statement, Harold hopes that all gamers communities can enjoy the viral game Free Fire as well as among BTS fans.

Now BTS fans are waiting for announcements regarding the plan for the latest Free Fire game event.

Where the series of events is the result of a collaboration between Free Fire and the Grammy Award-winning boyband BTS.

Previously, the Free Fire game had also chosen footballer CR or Cristiano Ronaldo as brand ambassadors.

Then Cristiano Ronaldo officially became the global Free Fire game BA right in 2020.

Even this sports star became a main character in the Free Fire game with the name Chrono.

At that time, the universe in which this game presents the theme of a futuristic metropolis.

Even the game also changes the appearance of the game so that it is more interesting.

Many communities as Free Fire lovers can’t wait to see the new appearance of their favorite game.

Moreover, this viral game will show certain things when collaborating with the BTS boygroup.

However, both game fans and fans of BTS themselves must be patient for some time.

The reason is that until now the Free Fire game is still hiding another interesting surprise with BTS as their collaborator.

Meanwhile, the presence of the latest collaboration between FF X BTS also has the potential to add new players.

Because it is possible that BTS fans will try the battle royale game to meet their idol.

Now fans are still waiting for more information about interesting collaborations in the viral game Free Fire, especially with BTS.

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