During April, Due to Lockdown, Car Sales in Shanghai City are Zero

The absence of new car sales in Shanghai in April was the worst in 10 years.

The increase in Covid-19 cases in China, especially in the Shanghai area in recent times, has had a profound impact on the automotive industry in the region. Even during last April, the city of Shangai did not record their car sales or 0 sales due to this lockdown policy.

This was also affected by the cessation of production of several automotive brands, the majority of which have assembly plants in Shanghai, which were affected by the lockdown.

Due to Lockdown, City of Shanghai Recorded 0 Car Sales During April

0 Sales During April

From data compiled by the Shangahi Automobile Sales Association, last April was the worst period for new car sales in Shanghai. This means that car sales in Shnaghai experienced a very drastic decline of up to 36% compared to the previous month. When compared to April of the previous year, new cars sold in Shangahi were able to reach 26,311 units.

Even last March, car sales in China as a whole could reach 1.06 million units. This means that the number of car sales in China for 1 month is equivalent to sales of new cars in Indonesia for 1 year before entering the Covid-19 pandemic phase.

Some of the factors that affect the absence of car sales in Shanghai, one of which is the large number of brands that have assembly plants in Shanghai. The lockdown policy has made it difficult for manufacturers to get assembly components, which is still exacerbated by the unfinished semiconductor chip crisis.

Due to Lockdown, City of Shanghai Recorded 0 Car Sales During April

Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai

Even from data compiled by the China Association of Automobile, the absence of car sales in Shangai in April was the worst in 10 years. They mentioned that Shanghai is one of the important cities for China’s auto industry as a whole. In fact, this city accounts for the largest number of car sales among other cities in China.

Currently the lockdown rules in Shanghai are starting to be slowly eased. With this easing, several manufacturers have received a glimmer of hope to be able to resume production of cars that had been hampered by the lockdown. In addition, it is hoped that in the future, new car sales there will be able to recover as before.

Source : Autos.ID

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