Dead Space Remake Game Coming Soon – The game Dead Space remake was first reported by EA Movie.

Which said that it would release in early 2023 although this was not a delay.

Because this game has never given a release date to the public.

But previously said it would be released this year.

At the time of the EA Play Live event, it was announced that this news had circulated about the delay of the release.

Even EA is impressed with the remake, but wants it to be well received like Capcom’s Resident Evil.

Dead Space Remake Game, When Will It Actually Release?

The announcement about the game from Movie Studios is a pretty big surprise for true game fans.

Despite having a fairly large fan base, the Dead Space franchise has also been stalled for several years.

Until now, EA Games and Movie Studios have revealed some information regarding the development of their new game.

Because recently, Movie Studios has done a live stream discussing the development of the game.

The reason is, the live streaming focuses more on audio features which will reportedly be even better than the previous Dead Space series.

Not only that, but Movie Studios will also use the latest system called ALIVE.

About the ALIVE System

The ALIVE system in the Dead Space remake game will make the characters in this game even more alive.

This means that the system will make heartbeats, sounds, breathing, up to Isaac Clarke’s dialogue.

That means the main character will follow the situation in the game.

For example, when Isaac feels scared and anxious, ALIVE will immediately respond to Isaac’s depressed behavior.

Meanwhile, Isaac’s heart rate and focus will be disturbed, affecting his level of fatigue and health.

However, if Isaac calmed down when he was injured.

His breathing would gradually return to normal and the pain would immediately decrease.

Comes with New Features

Indeed, Studios Movie and EA are preparing this Dead Space remake for current-gen consoles from PS5 to Xbox Series X.

There is also a PC. So this remake series will get more new features that are quite different from its predecessor.

In addition, the developer also seems to provide a number of visuals in the game he developed.

Starting from more detailed audio features and giving different effects according to environmental conditions during game play.

Even more interesting, there will be weapons such as Plasma Cutter that will experience unique improvisation.

The developer also provides more different variations that are composed of several layers of upgrades in their development.

In conclusion, this Dead Space remake game will soon be released and launched in early 2023.

But unfortunately it is not clear for sure that this game will be released on consoles in the old generation or not.

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