Crash Team Racing Game, Check Out How to Download and Play Here!


Game Crash Team Racing is a legendary PSX game that will never be forgotten even though it was popular in the 90s.

Even though it’s almost time for the PlayStation 5 console, the game is still played by most of the people.

More interestingly, this game can not only be played on PSX, but also on Android devices. Of course, to play the game, you have to use a PS1 emulator called ePSXe.

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Crash Team Racing Game, Check Out How To Play It Here!

Almost everyone definitely likes and is very familiar with this one old school game. This franchise of Crash Bandicoot games has been released since 1999 and was developed by Naughty Dog.

This game also tells about the fate of planet Earth which will become a giant parking lot if Crash Bandicoot loses the race.

But before finally dealing with the aliens, the players must defeat a number of bosses first.

You can also play this game in a crowd and can add to the excitement by experiencing the split screen feature.

In addition, this game can also be played by up to 4 players at once by using additional devices.

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Have Many Characters

This Crash Team Racing game turns out to also have varied racing routes and there are also many characters to choose from. In each circuit there will also be a mystery box whose contents are weapons that are useful for attacking enemies.

Not only weapons to attack enemies, but players can also get items to speed up the pace.

It’s the same as racing games in general, because players can become winners when they are the first players to finish.

There is the first boss you have to face in this game, which is named Ripper Roo which is identical to the blue body color.

Looks like a dog, in fact the boss is a kangaroo the result of Dr Cortex’s failed mutation experiment.

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How to Play

If you have successfully installed an emulator application called PlayStation 1 or ePSXe, then all you have to do is download the game.

After successfully downloading, you can extract the file and then open the ePSXe application to run the iso file.

But don’t forget to move the Crash Team Racing file to the SD Card because ePSXe will read the game via the SD Card.

If you have successfully moved it, then you must open the ePSXe application that you have installed and then Run the Game.

So that the application will automatically read the iso file in its entirety on the SD Card and find out whether there is a game in that place or not. If this game has been read, then you can immediately choose and then start.

In essence, you can also play this Crash Team Racing game even if you are using an Android device. But don’t forget to use additional emulators.


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