Apple MacBook Air M1 MGNA3HN/A, 13 Inch Laptop Many Advantages!


Apple MacBook Air M1 MGNA3HN/A is a laptop device that brings interesting specifications and has many advantages. Because, the laptop also has the latest System on a Chip or SoC or also known as the M1 Chip processor.

Not only that, the laptop also brings CPU speeds up to 3.5 times faster and GPU 5 times faster too.

In fact, its attractive design and long battery life can make it the best choice for you.

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Apple MacBook Air M1 MGNA3HN/A Comes with an Attractive Design

Since last November 2020, Apple has finally officially released a 13-inch laptop.

Reportedly, the Apple notebook also replaces the existence of the MacBook Air MWTJ2 which has been present since March 2020.

With the Apple M1 SoC, they claim that its performance is up to 3.5 times faster than the previous generation.

In fact, it not only has very fast performance, but the M1 Chip is able to save power.

Because, the Apple MacBook Air M1 MGNA3HN/A is able to last for approximately 18 hours of normal use. If you have this laptop, then you can also get an extraordinary companion for daily use.

The sheer amount of data and workload involved in today’s world is sometimes also difficult to keep all data more secure.

Carrying a more serious storage capacity and can help you store a variety of content.

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Screen Size and Design

This Apple MacBook Air M1 MGNA3HN/A laptop comes with a more portable size because it is not only light and thin. Imagine, this device brings support in the form of a 13-inch Retina Display which is sufficient for daily activities.

Not only that, the device also brings technology in the form of IPS True Tone and very good Apple-style stereo speakers. So that you can watch various types of videos to make it more enjoyable for you.

Well, for the Retina screen size it has a brilliant resolution of 2560 x 1600 which is 13 inches wide. Not only that, there is also sharper and clearer text and colors that are much more vibrant than previous generations.

More interestingly, there is glass directly to the edge enclosures, so that nothing can take away your beautiful scenery.


This Apple MacBook Air M1 MGNA3HN/A device has the fastest CPU from the Apple company itself. How not, because the MacBook Air is able to perform a variety of new, more intensive tasks.

Call it like for professional quality typing to a variety of action-packed games.

Then the 8-Core CPU is also able to balance higher performance Cores with efficiency Cores for everyday work.

The image signal processor inside the M1 chip is also capable of helping you look your best for every FaceTime call.

The 3 built-in microphones are also able to make sure what you say can be heard when you’re on a call.

In fact, MacOS Monterey unlocks the potential of the M1 chip and transforms Macs in new ways to play and work. Not only that, Apple also includes a leading privacy feature and the best security.

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More Features

The design of this Apple MacBook Air M1 MGNA3HN/A is more portable complete with extraordinary performance. Even the display with a very charming screen, is able to make it present as a prima donna among other notebooks.

The existence of the Apple M1 chip is one of the things that stands out the most with the many advances that have been given.

Keyboard system change so A New Magic Keyboard this is very appropriate with the level of comfort during typing.

So that when the keyboard is typing like a dream, but it can still do much more.

There are also new shortcuts that are pre-programmed with features that are useful and easy for you to access.

You can get help from Siri as well as change the keyboard language to even find a Spotlight document. That means there will be a lot of things you can do with just one tap.

The presence of backlit keys and an ambient light sensor can also help you type in low light settings. In essence, this Apple MacBook Air M1 MGNA3HN/A could be one of the best laptop choices for you.


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