Android Indie Game with the Best Quality, Loss If You Don’t Play!


Android indie games may not be a genre that is too familiar. Some people may still be unfamiliar with the term this game.

However, actually this type of game has been around for quite a while and not a few have become popular.

Indie games are games that someone develops without being tied to a company. Sales from indie games are also done independently by developers.

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List of Android Indie Games

Game companies have always succeeded in developing high-quality games. Even so, in fact individual game developers can also achieve the same thing.

Many indie games or made by individual developers have become successful in the market because of their excellent quality. For Android fans, you might be able to try the following titles.


This first title is one of the best indie games for you to play. Limbo is available on Android devices.

This game has actually been released since 2010 and is also available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows, and other devices.

Limbo is an adventure game that is quite tense. You will enter into a world full of mysteries.

There will be a variety of simple challenges, ranging from puzzles to a large number of puzzles.

MIRIAM: The Escape

Next up is MIRIAM: The Escape. This indie game is an arcade puzzle type.

The story in MIRIAM: The Escape is a child who wakes up in a strange nightmare. Each player will help the child to solve puzzles along the way.

At first glance, MIRIAM: The Escape is similar to Limbo but with a different storyline. There are 3 different endings that you can get.

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Pirates Outlaws

The next Android indie game can be an option for you pirate lovers. Pirates Outlaws will take you on an adventure as a pirate.

The main task you have in this game is to collect and collect cards that are useful for attacking.

Pirates Outlaws has been released since 2019 and you can play on Android and iOS devices.

Lucid Dream Adventure

The rating that this game has on the Google Play Store is quite high. Lucid Dream Adventure tells the impressive story of a girl named Lucy.

Lucy is a little girl who is trying to save her mother. As the title suggests, Lucid Dream Adventure is set in a dream world.

You will play the character of Lucy for an adventure in her dream world. There are various puzzles and plot twists that make the game even more exciting.

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With the science fiction genre, Machinarium tells a story about a robot named Joseph. He has a girlfriend but Joseph’s girlfriend is kidnapped.

You are tasked with helping Joseph to fight with the Black Cap Brotherhood gang to get back Joseph’s girlfriend.

The background of the place presented in the Machinarium is very futuristic. For those of you lovers of science fiction and ‘future’ gender, it’s a must to try this one Android indie game.


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