An Online Puzzle Game that Provides the Most Exciting Multiplayer Features!


Today’s online puzzle games can be the subject of exciting competitions with friends. In the past, puzzle games were just monotonous.

However, currently the gameplay of puzzle games is increasingly diverse. The development of technology is what makes this game develop quite rapidly.

Currently you can play puzzle games in multiplayer with friends.

Puzzle Games Online

When gathered together with the theme, sometimes boredom occurs. If it hits, the best option is to play games.

However, of course playing games together will be more fun. Instead of playing games that are just fun, it’s better to hone your brain skills with puzzles.

Make no mistake, currently there are many puzzle games that you can play in multiplayer with friends. Here is the list.

Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest

This first puzzle game belongs to the type of RPG. Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest combines match 3 combat along with fortress building.

You have to match 3 of the same object to be able to attack the enemy or build a strong fortress.

You can play this game with friends to build a strong and invincible team.

Brain Wars

Next up is the Brain Wars game. This puzzle game can help hone your brain skills.

Later, you will be able to fight against various other players from all over the world. There are many types of simple but also challenging brain games in Brain Wars.

You can also invite friends to play together in real time.

Skillz Logical Brain

Skillz Logical Brain is the right online puzzle game to train the brain. The advantage of this game is of course the multiplayer features it brings.

You can train your reflexes, accuracy, memory and speed with this game. The way to play is just to answer the questions that arise when the game starts.

maze king

Labyrinths are quite common in puzzle games. You can prove your brain power by completing the maze in the game.

Not only single player mode, King of the Labyrinth also presents a multiplayer mode that will make you compete 1 on 1 with players around the world in real time.

You have to complete the maze in fast time in order to get the highest rank on the world leaderboard.

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Trivia Crack

Then there is Trivia Crack which is a quite popular brain teaser puzzle game. How to play this game is quite easy by selecting several categories available.

Later Trivia Crack will give questions quickly and must be answered correctly. You can play this Trivia Crack online puzzle game with friends on Facebook and Twitter so that the game will be more exciting.


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