AMSI West Java Elects New Leadership Focused on Collaboration and Digital Literacy

The cyber media landscape in West Java is poised for a collaborative push forward, as the Association of Indonesian Cyber Media (AMSI) West Java chapter elected its new leadership.

Satrya Graha, Editor-in-Chief of, and Subagja Hamara, CEO of, took the helm as Chairman and Secretary, respectively, during the 3rd AMSI West Java Conference held at Hotel Sutanraja on April 16, 2024.

The newly elected leaders emphasized collaboration as the key to success. “AMSI Jabar needs to directly benefit its members,” stated Chairman Graha.

His focus will be on increasing membership and fostering a supportive network for media businesses in the region.

Secretary, Subagja Hamara echoed this sentiment, highlighting the importance of data collection and mapping the media landscape to streamline member onboarding and support initiatives.

The conference itself served as a testament to the collaborative spirit. The event kicked off with a seminar titled “Publisher Rights and the Sustainability of the Cyber Media Business Ecosystem in West Java”.

The discussion brought together industry experts like AMSI Chairman Wahyu Dhyatmika, PWI West Java Chairman Hilman Hidayat, and Prof. Dr. Septiawan Santana, a journalism expert from the Islamic University of Bandung (Unisba).

Seeking a broader impact, the conference also welcomed representatives from the West Java Provincial Government and Bandung Regency.

The message from both parties was clear: collaboration between cyber media and the government is crucial for promoting digital literacy among masyarakat (citizens) in West Java.

Equipping people with the ability to critically evaluate information online is seen as a vital defense against the spread of hoaxes and misinformation.

With a focus on collaboration, member growth, and digital literacy initiatives, AMSI West Java seems poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of the region’s media landscape.

By fostering a more robust and informed media environment, AMSI West Java can contribute to a more digitally aware and empowered people in West Java.

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