Who is the real villain in Attack On Titan? – Who is the real villain in the anime Attack On Titan? Many fans are confused about this.

The reason is from the initial release on April 7, 2013, Titan is a figure who becomes the antagonist.

However, as the story progresses, Titan is apparently not the real enemy. Instead, Titan is the victim.

For those who only watch the anime without reading the manga, this is certainly confusing.

At the beginning of the episode, the story in the Attack On Titan anime is as if there are three children who aspire to see the sea.

They can’t do it because they live inside the great wall that protects all of humanity from Titan’s rampage.

The three children are named Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert or usually abbreviated as Trio EMA.

So who is the real villain in Attack On Titan?

During seasons 1 to 3, the villain of the Anime Attack On Titan is a kingdom that covers all truth about the world.

So, the kingdom of Eldia created a false king to cover up all the truth.

Its leaders are even willing to sacrifice many of their people’s lives.

However, after the coup, the false king was deposed and the nobles arrested, the truth was finally revealed.

Titans who have been considered as enemies of mankind are actually their own people.

Only the Eldians can become Titans by getting an injection of a strange liquid first.

Marley Nation

Entering Season 4, the story develops so that again the question arises who is the real villain in the anime Attack On Titan?

From the beginning the audience thought Titan as a villain, turned into the Marley Nation.

While Eren is a hero or protagonist.

However, the Marleys were crushed by the power of Eren’s Attack Titan and Armin’s Colossal Titan.

So from these four seasons, the antagonist or villain is always changing.

Because many truths are starting to be revealed.

Likewise, when entering season 4 part 2, the villain’s figure changed again.

Who exactly is the villain in Attack on Titan is getting more and more confusing.

This is because, the antagonist changed from the Marley nation to the Jaegerist.

Why? The reason is the result of a coup against the kingdom and then another coup by the supporters of Eren Jaeger.

Jaegerists took over the military and political leadership.

Even anyone who opposed the Jaegerist would most likely lose their lives.


Until Attack On Titan Season 4 episode 28, Jaegerist became a villain or antagonist for being authoritarian and imposing his will.

Spoiler alert! At the end of the episode, Eren performs Rumbling whose goal is to make the people of Eldia who have been tormented have freedom. T

he trick is to flatten the world.

Eren Jaeger

Who is the real villain in Attack On Titan if you look at it from the outside world’s point of view?

The answer is Eren Jaeger.

To the world outside Paradise Island, Eren is a villain and cannot live in this world.

Meanwhile, if we look from the perspective of the Eldians, on the contrary, Eren is a hero because he freed them from powerlessness.

Interestingly, there are also the Eldians who oppose what Eren did.

Because Eren did it the wrong way.

Those who oppose include Eren’s friends Armin, Jean, Connie and Mikasa.

Not to forget his superiors, namely Hange Zoe and Levi Ackerman.

These opposers eventually founded the Alliance to stop Rumbling.

Until finally, Eren was beheaded by Mikasa and the world had been flattened by about 80%.

In the end the audience will know what Eren’s purpose of Rumbling was.

Including the answer to the question who is the real villain in Attack On Titan.

Apparently Eren knew from the start that he would die for his friends.

So this child of Grisha is willing to fight the world for his friends and his people in order to get recognition from the outside world.

So in conclusion, there is no villain in this Attack On Titan anime.

Similar to anime like Death Note and Code Geass.

The story revolves around the life of a person who has good intentions but uses violence.

Even the main character is willing to be labeled a criminal so that the people he protects can be safe from the crimes of others.

Who is the real villain in Attack On Titan?

The answer is no, because all have good intentions, but in different ways.

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