WhatsApp Reactions Feature Launched, How To Activate?


The WhatsApp Reactions feature can finally be used by users. This is a new feature of WhatsApp which is useful for responding to chats from other users using the available emojis.

In this feature there are six emoji that users can use to respond to a chat. The emoji consists of a heart, laughing, sad, thumbs up, and both hands a thank you symbol.

This feature is already available in WhatsApp version for the Android version.

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WhatsApp Reactions Features Officially Launched

WhatsApp always presents a myriad of interesting and easy-to-use features.

This is a form of the ease of communication services that WhatsApp has always offered. Recently, this platform has released a feature called WhatsApp Reactions.

Through this feature, it is a major update that WhatsApp will present in 2022. Through this feature, it is hoped that users will enjoy chatting with friends or other relatives more.

What is WhatsApp Reactions?

WhatsApp Reactions is a feature that allows its users to send various emojis in sent messages.

Through this feature, users can also send reactions to messages that have been received directly, by using the 6 emojis that are already available.

Of course, this feature is no stranger to social media users under the auspices of Meta. The reason is, the feature which is currently still in the trial period for WA users for several countries is already available on Instagram or on Facebook.

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How to Activate the Emoji Reactions WA Feature

The Emoji Reactions feature is now available in the WA application for Android or iOS devices. Currently, WhatsApp users in the country can use this latest feature.

WhatsApp Reactions is available on the WhatsApp application version There are several easy steps to activate the WhatsApp Reactions feature, see the following steps:

  1. First, please update WhatsApp to version or the latest version. You can do these updates through the app store on each device
  2. After the update process is complete, then immediately enter WhatsApp settings or settings
  3. Then select notification option
  4. Next, enable the “Reaction Notifications” option. The trick, simply by sliding the toggle to the right
  5. The next step, press the check mark after you are done making changes to the notification settings.

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How to Use the Reactions Feature

How to use the WhatsApp Reactions feature is also quite easy. Because it is enough to press the message and hold the message that will get a response.

Then a pop up will appear showing the 6 available emojis. It’s located right at the bottom of the message.

Then users can choose which emoji reactions they will send. In addition, users can react repeatedly.

Even previous reactions can be deleted by users. Meanwhile, WA reactions will receive notifications such as new messages that come in.

However, until now the WhatsApp Reactions feature is still not available for all users. In this case, the developer is still conducting periodic distributions so that the features can be enjoyed together.


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