WhatsApp Language Change Feature Will Release Soon Plus Message Reaction Feature, Check!


The WhatsApp language change feature is the latest feature that allows users to operate the application.

Reports reveal that WhatsApp is developing a new feature called App Language. Users can freely change the language in the application.

This ability is revealed from the latest beta application that is spread to a certain number of users.

Of course, this latest feature provides flexibility for users to customize the language on the WhatsApp application.

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Latest WhatsApp Language Change Feature Launch Information

A number of WAbetainfo reports explain that the latest WhatsApp beta application from version provides convenience in changing the language. At first, the appropriate settings of the device changed to other languages.

The stronger information about the planned launch of this language change feature from the beta version of the application that has been spread to a number of users. The flip side is that this option allows the user to change the language of the app manually.

As we know WhatsApp itself supports up to 60 languages ​​in the world for devices. Furthermore, this language setting automatically matches the existing system language.

For example, if the user uses Indonesian on their phone, the WhatsApp application also uses Indonesian language settings.

This setting also applies to those who vote in English. When the language replacement feature in the WhatsApp application is active, users can change the application language manually and it is different from the device system language.

Remarks from WABetainfo screenshot, option to change app language is available separately. But present in the list of other options.

This WhatsApp language change feature is not yet available for all users and is only limited to a number of users who are registered as beta users. Of course, the public is still questioning the availability of this feature for users globally.

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How to Change the Language of the WhatsApp Application

A report reveals the feature that is present is not only changing the application language. There is also a message reaction feature in the beta version of the application

The feature is being tested on a limited number of beta users only. Currently, only a few emojis are available that represent the user’s reactions to messages ranging from hearts, laughs, thumbs up, surprise, thank you and sad emojis. It is still uncertain when WhatsApp will officially launch this language change feature.

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However, it is revealed how to change the language that is important for users to know. First, open the latest version of the WhatsApp application on Android. Enter the Settings or Settings menu, then select the App Language or Application Language option.

This step is quite easy and simple, allowing users to choose a supported language in the form of Indonesian, English, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin, and others. Wait for the next WhatsApp language change feature release information.


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