WhatsApp API Qontak Presents Business Solutions in the Digital Age


Qontak’s WhatsApp API offers business solutions in today’s digital era. As we know, online shopping trends and digital businesses are increasingly being favored by Indonesian business people and consumers.

Many of these business people have adopted the trend of going digital. This is a way to increase sales and reach a wider market.

One of the activities that must be done is to use social media in carrying out business activities.

Based on data from Hootsuite, it is noted that approximately 61.8% of Indonesians use social media.

With the use of WhatsApp and Instagram which are in the top three positions as the most popular social media. One system that is quite popular among business people today is the WhatsApp API.

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Get to know the Qontak WhatsApp API

Qontak is the number 1 Omnichannel and CRM company in Indonesia. It is also the Authorized Business Partner of WhatsApp Business APU as well as Messenger API of Instagram.

Furthermore, Qontak’s Omnichannel CRM application integrates a number of social media or emails into one application so that it helps customer service agents to work more coordinated.

Through one business account, Qontak will help business people to use one WhatsApp number for many users or WhatsApp Multiple Devices.

Next, this application responds to customers automatically with chatbots, WhatsApp green ticks, and WhatsApp Blast messages.

In addition, also with other benefits that can increase revenue, business performance, and even employee performance.

Using the Qontak WhatsApp API makes it easy to use technology channels. Ranging from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to companies. This can make it easier for businesses to welcome digital trends in 2022.

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Advantages of Using Qontak’s WhatsApp API

There are various advantages that users can get by using this application. Users will have WhatsApp multi-agent and can overcome it by using the routing agent feature to make it more conditioned.

This application has been integrated with a CRM system that can store conversation history with customers and has an Auto responder feature.

WhatsApp API Qontak also has a complete chatbot that can reply to customer messages automatically.

Users will get a green WA tick so that they are officially verified. There is also encryption end-to-end more safely, able to increase customer experience, and customer trust.

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WhatsApp is currently one of the most widely used platforms for Indonesian people. Apart from having better potential, social media marketing will also make it easier for the public to access.

It is even more cost effective which is able to provide a wider spectrum. As a result, many business people use Qontak’s WhatsApp API as a means of marketing and promotion media.


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