Vivo Flying Camera Viral on TikTok, Here are the Leaked Specifications


The Vivo Flying Camera some time ago caused a stir among social media users (social media) TikTok. The reason is, this Vivo made a breakthrough by installing a different camera from other smartphones.

Previously, this smartphone vendor from China produced cellphones with front cameras that weird.

Vivo made an innovation with a selfie camera that is not on the screen as usual, but will come out when operated. The camera model name is pop-up.

Vivo Flying Camera Viral Specifications on TikTok

However, it seems that the innovations from vendors, which are often ranked in the top five best sales for the Indonesian mobile market share, do not stop there.

This Chinese vendor is currently making innovations by combining his smart phone with a drone camera.

Seeing the leaked video from this Vivo cellphone circulating on TikTok, of course it is very unique. So, the video show really stole the attention of netizens.

So, this Vivo Flying Camera can be released by users and fly into the air. The reason is, on the camera pad there are 4 propellers like a drone.

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Even though Vivo itself keeps these unique ideas and innovations tightly closed, they still leak onto social and mainstream media.

In fact, one blogger from the Netherlands tried to make a sketch or picture of this flying camera Vivo smartphone. Suddenly, this animated video made netizens astonished.

Built-in Camera Resolution

Citing from various sources, there are two cameras installed on the Vivo Flying Camera. One camera on the top and the other on the front.

However, Vivo provides another option by adding two more cameras, so a total of 4 cameras can be installed.

So that later, the other two cameras will face down. The goal is to take the object of the image below and make it more comfortable.

Not only that, the Vivo Flying Camera also installs 3 infrared sensors and also has 4 propellers.

The function of this infrared sensor will be as a sign or navigation, so that the drone can fly regularly or be known.

Meanwhile, citing various sources, that the leaked camera installed on the Vivo Flying Camera is a 200 MP resolution.

Then another leak is that it already has 5G connectivity. While on the screen, the Vivo Flying Camera carries an AMOLED panel.

Furthermore, the battery capacity is 8000 mAh. In addition, for this smartphone, the Snapdragon 855+ from Qualcomm is installed.

Then, the RAM capacity on this smartphone is 12 GB with the support of 256 GB of internal storage.

Although it is already crowded on social media, Vivo has not provided an official statement regarding the specifications, prices and when the Vivo Flying Camera will be released. But what is certain is that consumers can’t wait to have this smartphone. (R5/HR-Online/Editor-Adi)


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