Viral Filter Rotoscope TikTok, Many Netizens Want, Here’s How To Remove It


TikTok’s Rotoscope Viral filter is currently much sought after by netizens. The reason is, this filter is the latest filter from TikTok as a video application.

All users of the TikTok application can of course add and remove Rotoscopes through the filters contained in TikTok.

Then, what if you want to remove the Rotoscope filter on the TikTok application which has recently gone viral and often appears on the FYP (For Your Page) timeline. In fact, many people use these filters.

Even so, not a few TikTok users feel bored and want to delete it as soon as possible.

Therefore, many netizens, especially TikTok users, want to know how to remove the filter.

Summarizing from various sources, TikTok is one of the most popular applications in Indonesia and the world. This application contains various types of short videos from content creators.

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In addition, in the TikTok application, there are also filter options that can be used by all content creators in making videos.

The only filter available in TikTok is the rotoscope. This rotoscope is an animation technique that is able to imitate movement directly by the user. And turn it into a live animated video.

When you move your face and body, the animation will appear via the TikTok app , and follow the movement.

If you want to make an animated video, of course, users also have to add this TikTok Rotoscope filter that is currently viral.

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How to Add a Viral Rotoscope Filter TikTok

First, open the TikTok application through your smartphone device

Next, to search for the Rotoscope filter, press the icon or the magnifying glass image

Then write Rotoscope as a keyword in the search field

Then in the ‘effect’ section, an icon from the Rotoscope will appear

After that, all you have to do is click the icon and then select the ‘Add to Favorites’ option.

Later users can immediately make videos using these filters. You do this by clicking on the words ‘Try this effect’.

If users of the TiKTok application feel bored using these filters, users can also easily delete them from the filter collection in the TikTok application.

How to Remove TikTok Rotoscope Filter

First click the ‘Effect’ option on the TikTok camera then go to ‘Favorites’

Then select the filter that you added

Then, to remove the filter you just select the ‘Favorite’ option icon

You can use this method through the TikTok application on devices with the iOS 15.4 system. But if you have another operating system that is different, then the method will also be different.

That’s what the TikTok Rotoscope filter is currently going through. You can try it via smartphone. (R3/HR-Online/Editor-Eva)


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