UNVR Stock Recommendations are Stronger Compared to Last Year


UNVR stock recommendations from a number of analyzes led to several predictions. Especially now that Unilever’s shares are starting to improve.

PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk (UNVR) rose 4.57% at the end of last April. Unilever’s share price rose 2.10% to Rp 3,890/share.

As is well known, during the pandemic many stocks experienced a slump. Now the pandemic has started to improve and has an impact on some stocks.

One of them is PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk (UNVR). Technically, UNVR shares have the opportunity to continue strengthening.

Especially if the company’s shares are able break of the resistance level.

This is also evident from the movement of MACD and Stochastic which showed strengthening. So that several UNVR stock recommendations emerged from several analyzes.

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UNVR Stock Recommendations, Improved After the Pandemic

The pandemic period is now starting to pass, slowly the government and society are starting to adapt to the situation. Various ways have been done to overcome Covid-19.

With the decline in the number of infections, the Indonesian economy is now getting better. Even at the beginning of 2022, PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk (UNVR) has experienced an increase.

The print sales figure reached Rp 10.8 trillion. Domestic sales are now also up 5.8% on an annual basis or 13.9% from the previous quarter.

The company UNVR has recorded a net profit of IDR 2 trillion which grew 19% on an annual basis. This increase occurred due to people’s purchasing power which is now starting to recover.

In addition, Unilever companies are also strengthening distribution and building a modern sales network as well as e-commerce.

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Mirae Asset Analysis Prospects Strengthen Unilever’s Share Value

UNVR’s stock recommendations can be seen from the price increase which is now starting to improve. Compared to the pandemic 2 years ago, this stock issuer has shown an interesting increase.

Judging from the price of UNVR support at the level of Rp. 3,690 which then resistance at the level of Rp. 3,930. With numbers like this, investors can do buy for the stock.

Mirae Asset analysis of Christine Natasya’s securities, UNVR’s top line growth was 7% YoY. The increase in the average obtained comes from the increase in inflation.

In fact, in the midst of rising commodity prices, Mirae Asset will have an impact on its production costs. However, from the premium segment, they certainly will not think about the high price.

It’s just that the negative impact will come from local brand competition that sells products at lower prices.

However, it can still bear some downside risk as UNVR’s stock cost savings continue.

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The existence of Mirae Asset helps increase the projected annual revenue growth of 2% from the previous year. Especially if this is driven by companies that focus on selling products in the premium segment.

The projected gross margin to decline due to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia makes the figure fall by around 2.2%. The company hopes that UNVR’s share recommendation will get a net profit margin of 14.2% this year compared to the previous year.


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