Twitter Stocks Drop As Elon Musk Files Suspension

Twitter stock plummeted, so what caused this to happen? One of them is due to Elon Musk.

Recently, Wall Street’s main indexes rose in trading last weekend.

It’s just that Twitter’s stock actually slumped.

This is due to Elon Musk delaying the purchase of the company.

The stock plummeted to show a figure of more than 20%.

Even the latest news also shows that Elon Musk has suspended the purchase of shares worth USD 44 billion or equivalent to Rp. 643 trillion.

Twitter shares plummeted for no reason.

Elon Musk delayed until data and information about the number of fake accounts spread were identified.

In the world of investing there are many things that you have to take into account.

Moreover, market prices move up and down, making investment decisions also have to be careful.

As well as news from Twitter stock.

Where the stock actually experienced a decline in pre-market trading.

Twitter’s share purchase deal has been suspended.

This will continue from Elon Musk’s side until the data is of interest.

More or less spam data represents less than 5% of users.

The number of macroeconomic data has also recently been released. US import prices rose 6.8% in the first quarter.

Even until April 2022, it shows that import prices rose 12%.

With this, the conclusion of US government data with consumer data on a monthly basis has increased.

Meanwhile, the smallest increase in producer prices occurred in September last year.

This also made Musk discouraged from buying the company.

According to calculations, fake Twitter accounts account for 5% of the total active users.

Ways to Fix Tweeter Feed

Twitter shares plunged due to algorithm manipulation.

This manipulation occurs without the user knowing. So it’s easy to switch back and forth to see the difference.

Even so, Musk still hinted at negotiating the acquisition, but at a lower price.

Twitter’s own CEO has also said it is fighting spam and determining the percentage of fake accounts.

It is for this reason why companies cannot publicly provide specifications of the process.

This is due to relying on personal user information.

The Twitter CEO also claims that it is difficult to review the percentage of bots and fake accounts externally.

It said if the critical need to use public and private information cannot be shared.

Externally, which accounts are counted as spam also cannot be resolved.

This is the reason why the stock plummeted.

As a result Elon Musk decided to consider buying the related company.

Given that the data hasn’t arrived yet, Elon Musk has postponed it.

Most likely Elon Musk will actually lower the cost of acquiring Twitter.

If previously the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX made an offer for $44 billion, now Twitter shares have fallen.

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