TRUE Stocks Fluctuate Influenced by Purchases of Retail Investors

TRUE’s volatile stock moved up effectively in its first trading session. TRUE managed to approach a fairly high increase level or ARA.

Recently, there was one issuer that had very volatile movements.

The issuer in question is PT Triniti Dinamik Tbk (TRUE) on Friday, June 3, 2022.

The company is controlled by motivator Bong Chandra.

He is a director and owner of the company.

Trading that went fast enough to make TRUE stocks fluctuate until the close of the first session.

Interestingly, the stock was able to approach the highest level with an appreciation of 27.1% to the level of Rp 103/unit.

TRUE Stocks Fluctuate Touches ARA

As has been reported since the beginning, TRUE shares have experienced the highest increase until their first close.

Even now TRUE stocks fluctuate in the second session.

The stock continued to shoot up until it touched the top auto reject point (ARA) with an appreciation of 34.56%.

Unfortunately this condition changes in just a minute.

With the condition of the increase being quite good, TRUE’s stock experienced a decline.

The fluctuating condition of the issuer PT Triniti Dinamik Tbk is astonishing.

In just a matter of seconds, the stock suddenly experienced a drastic decline.

The fall in share prices occurred after the opening of the second stock.

Precisely the decline in share prices occurred at 14:29 WIB.

In just one minute, the TRUE stock is corrected to the ARB level.

TRUE shares had the most severe correction at 6.17% at 76/unit.

Throughout history, this condition has been the worst condition that PT Triniti Dinamik Tbk has experienced in its history.

History of Ups and Downs TRUE Stocks

TRUE stocks fluctuate in just a short time. Throughout its history, it turns out that the company has experienced this many times.

The case of TRUE stock movement also happened in May 2021 last year.

TRUE shares had experienced a high price increase or ARA up to 8 times in a row. TRUE once rose to the highest level of up to Rp 1,030/unit.

At that time, the shares on the E-IPO scheme to the distribution of pooling allotment shares for retail investors were only 1% of the total IPO proceeds.

The large portion of the fixed allotment opens up opportunities and leads to flying stocks or stock fry actions.

Not a few investors are tempted because they see the price is quite high.

After the increase in the number of shareholders, TRUE again decreased or fluctuated.

The stock fell at ARB levels for the 16th time in a row.

Distribution action can be seen from brokers buying TRUE shares. This is done for retail investors.

From the first floor, it can be seen that the majority of brokers are influenced by retail investors.

From this explanation, it is evident that fluctuations in TRUE stocks have occurred long ago. Even the increase and decrease occurred in a fairly fast period of time.

All happened because of the influence of retail investors in buying shares.

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