Toyota Presents the bZ4X GR Variant with Outstanding Performance –

This Gazoo Racing version of the Toyota bZ4X will be one of the next revolutions of Toyota’s Motorsport division, Gazoo Racing in turning this electric car into a more powerful one.

One of Toyota’s recently launched electric cars, the bZ4X, will have a Gazoo Racing variant, the GR. The presence of the GR variant in this electric car will not only make the car look sporty but will also be equipped with a more powerful drivetrain which will be developed directly by the Gazoo Racing division.

Later this car will also be made much different from the standard version and ready to be used for Motorsport needs.

High Performance Electric Car

As reported by Move Electric on Friday (17/6/2022), Daisuke Ido as the chief engineer for this car said that the car when it was developed again by GR would be a more special and different car. He also said that there would be significant changes, but they would not be as dramatic as the GR Yaris.

He also mentioned that in fact the plan had been discussed with the GR, although it was only a rumor. “Later on, the bZ4X which will be developed directly by Gazoo Racing can be made much more friendly for many people to use. One of the weaknesses of some GR cars like the GR Yaris is that not everyone can drive normally,” said Ido.

He also mentioned that the transformation of the bZ4X to the GR form is basically quite easy, especially in increasing power. However, according to him, one of the things that is quite difficult is that when asked to maneuver around corners, it will require more in-depth development. He called it one of the challenges and they had to understand how to offer better performance without compromising the original essence of this car.

Toyota will prepare bZ4X GR variant with extraordinary performance

Currently, the Toyota bZ4X is available in Front Wheel Drive and All-Whell Drive configurations. What is interesting in terms of the electric motor for the FWD variant which only relies on a single motor has a power similar to the All-Whell Drive version which uses dual electric motors. For the FWD variant itself, it produces 204 hp while the AWD variant produces 218 hp.

In the development of this Toyota bZ4X, there are several predictions that could be the key to the presence of this car. For example, such as providing a more powerful electric motor and can generate power up to 400 hp more. In addition, this car had a concept version present in the form of the bZ4X GR Sport Concept which was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show earlier this year.

Even so, Toyota is still keeping a close eye on when the GR version of the bZ4X will be presented soon. It will be interesting to see how this electric car will have a GR version that is ready to be used for future Motorsport needs.

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